If you're like many Division 2 players who've reached end-game and are waiting for a new Ultrauuge has brilliant list of things you can be getting on with while you wait for the latest update. 

  • Finish all side quest and secret side quests

  • Get all hunter masks

  • Get all ivory keys (might be bugged for some, 7/8 issue)

  • Earn commendations - here is a full list by another agent

  • Challenge yourself - i.e. finish every main mission on hard or above difficulty without being downed

  • Get the full "deck of cards"

  • Earn rare trophies / achievements - some are quite fun and some very challenging

  • Visit all contaminated zones

  • Finish all 3 spezialisations

  • Bounties: cleaning the streets from bad guys

  • Go into the DZ more often and learn the maps and shortcuts - DZ is actually quite fun and thrilling in a group if you don't get ganked repeatedly. If you do, just respawn, leave and go into another zone or do something else. My experience with matchmaking groups was mostly positive and rewarding and I made a few new friends.

  • Create and level another character: replay the side missions, replay CPs, get blue mods

  • Answer calls for backup and help out other agents

  • Spent time free roaming and exploring: find open buildings to enter and explore

  • Find that hex wrench

  • Get all available skins and dyes (here is a list) and here (another good one with maps)

  • Whats up with the owls?

  • Challenge: Capture all controll points at once and get the backpack trophy

  • Might as well try to get all backpack trophies

  • Collect all exotics - even if they are mostly dissappointing right now, they will hopefully get a buff a some point (The Nemesis Sniper is actually one of the best weapons in game right now, but time gated - here is how to get all parts.)

  • Get the special black T-Rex backpack trophy for completing Tidal Basin Heroic - this is going to be a tough one

  • Experiment with new builds and try something different, off-meta builds like i.e. a "Mad Bomber" or Survivalist Firestarter can be a lot of fun. These build tools are really cool: Build Tool in Google Docs by /tand86 and Divisionbuilder

  • Collect items with optimal or very very good rolls for recalibration after the patch (How do you know if its any good or not? Here is an awesome reference table.)

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Last Updated: Apr 29, 2019

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