Tom Clancy’s The Division came in with high expectations and in many ways it delivered on them. The game itself is amazing to look at, the city is a perfect representation of a dilapidated New York and the combat for the most part is fun and rewarding. That being said, the game has some serious issues some intentional some not, that are clearly starting to wear on even the most loyal agents.

While not all players will find issue with these problems, you will definitely find a good deal who do. Here are the main one’s that have had us avoiding the Division in favor of other games.

The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone has a couple of problems but it’s the way rewards are calculated that’s at the core of it’s downfall. There’s just no real compelling reason to go rogue right now and those that do (while on purpose or by accident) are almost instantly mobbed by the roving gangs of players farming NPC’s costing you a ton of Dark Zone experience and other precious items.

If you do manage to survive, the rewards are paltry compared to what you would have gotten had you spent the time farming NPC’s. While I can see why they wouldn’t want going rogue being too lucrative which would turn the Dark Zone into a blood bath, something needs to be done to get it out of the NPC farming simulator mode it’s currently in.

It’s a Grind Fest

This could be said about a lot of the popular games out there, but for some reason the grind is taken to the extreme in The Division. I get that end game gear needs to be hard to get and Massive wants players to keep coming back (daily missions, Phoenix credits). But there is not a single aspect of the game that doesn’t feel like you’re hitting the punch clock to start your shift at the factory.

All forms of collecting gear are grinds whether it be getting enough materials tp craft it or phoenix credits to purchase it out right. If you want to grab some gear via the Incursion, you’ve got to grind your way through repetitive waves of the exact same enemy for an hour before you can collect your loot.

The Game has a Hacker Problem

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the Dark Zone at all, you’ve probably run into at least one hacker flying around or killing other players through cover. Even before the game’s release beta testers were warning about how easy it was to hack The Division, but when they looked over the launch day patch notes there was little to no changes that would indicate that Massive beefed up their security.

Not a day goes by on the official Division subreddit without at least one large thread forming to talk about cheating, it’s just that rampant and unfortunately there has been no word from Massive other than the occasional PR blurb about promising to ban cheaters. And even though the cheating primarily takes place on PC, the stink that it gives to the game as a whole has had a large part in driving many players away, no matter which platform they’re playing on.

During the early levels, The Division is definitely a fun game to play. It’s when you get to the end game that the Division seems unsure of what to do with players so it dangles some shiny gear in front of you and hopes you come back each day to put your hours in. The only problem is the rate at which your getting this gear is so slow and the activities you need to complete to get it are so broken and monotonous, that it quickly causes that shiny gear at the end of the tunnel to lose its appeal.

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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016

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