Global Agenda has done almost everything right for a game's launch, but interest in the game has waned.  Hi-Rez Studios is working quickly to deploy the content and changes all of us want to see by the time they launch the massive 1.3 patch.  But with Agency vs. Agency content going pay to play with this patch as well, will the resulting game be worth your subscription dollars?  Here is what you have to look forward to!  

Enhanced Specialization  

This patch will give you a reason to have more than one of each class for your profile!  Starting at level 30 and beyond, you can specialize in a given tree and enhance it further at the cost of never being able to re-specialize that aspect of your character.  For instance, you can make a Poisons Medic and a Healing Medic and they will never be able to match the other, even if they put considerable points in the skill tree and use similar weapons.  Each specialization will get unique new weapons and choices to make when gearing out for a sortie.  Perhaps more importantly, this will give meaning to those levels beyond 30 now; no longer are they just fillers for more crazy cosmetic equipment.  

New weapons, rewards, and specializations coming soon to GA.

New Weapons!  

One of the new ways to breathe life into the game is to introduce new ways to take life!  They aren't just weapon slots though, new off-hands and even Boosts are planned to be added with this, adding a new level of customization choice that isn't currently in the game.  These new weapons even have lovely names such as the Beacon Tracker, which if this writer can venture a guess, probably pings the location on your radar when an enemy teleports in using it.  Unique toys like that, the Barrage Grenade Launcher, and the Multi-Heal Gun will certainly help to address problems in the current builds and play styles the community is finding.  

New Rewards System  

Fighting in various battlegrounds will earn you two new types of currency--Conquest and Mercenary Tokens.  These tokens can be used to purchase cosmetic changes, new weapons, and more!  There is a maximum that can be earned of each type per day to prevent people from getting ahead due to simply playing more.  Keeping a level playing field while adding new rewards is a great way to encourage daily activity in the game.  

Loot and Crafting  

PvE will have even more meaning as you won't just get crafting goodies from the enemies.  Enemies will now have the ability to drop armor pieces that bind on pickup for your use.  They can even drop improved versions of current weapons!  Weapon and Armor crafters can create improvements to further boost the stats from these drops.  Imagine upgrading your base weapon, and then upgrading that on top of your current implant bonuses.  Expect people to die faster and faster, and that's an oh so wonderful thing.  

The Warzones  

Possibly the biggest idea yet, these are going to be vast zones that can hold far more than your average PvE team and contain multiple missions in one area.  There will also be PvPvE zones of enemies and players at the same time, which is a beautiful recipe for chaos.  These new zones will help to give the game a more persistent feel, rather than just being a cycle of instancing and returning to Dome City.  More info on these will be coming soon hopefully.  

The changes are exactly what the community has been clamoring for, and will revive the community that has fallen in love with the game, but feel the game has grown somewhat stagnant.  If you haven't played the game yet and are on the fence but like what you've read here,  there's currently a free trial available to give you a taste of the game.  In addition, the price has recently fallen to $39.99.  With these sweeping positive changes on the horizon, there's never been a better time to get hyped and get into Global Agenda!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016