The Secret World (TSW) goes all Indiana Jones next month with Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo. The latest update coming to TSW in March will task players with aiding the Marya as they fight to stand against cultists and their dark prophet Abdel Daoud, who have fallen under the influence of the god Aten. Players will have to investigate to discover what the Atenists are planning and finally stop them in a climactic end battle on top of a moving train.

Issue #6 will introduce a new 10-person raid adversary, a new Veteran and Recruitment system, a new PvP Ranking system, and a new auxiliary weapon – the Whip, which can be used for area of effect damage or to buff your group.

Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo is scheduled to launch in early March. Members will gain access two days early.

Source: Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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