Having trouble choosing which of The
Secret World's
societies to
join? Not to worry, Funcom has added an initiation test to help make
your choice easier and help guide you down the path to ultimate power.
Simply head over to the href="http://www.darkdaysarecoming.com/" target="_blank">official
and click on the top banner link to Initiation Test to start the
virtual sorting hat a rolling. It is a quick and painless flash based
questionnaire that will help whittle down your decision, and while the
end choice is ultimately yours, it can help to illuminate(or
Illuminati) your selection. Upon completion of the test it will ask you
to register via email address and name, the confirmation email that is
sent will put you in the running for beta access automatically and keep
you up to date on the games latest news.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016