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With the addition of World of Warcraft
Patch 5.4 fast approaching we can't help but feeling that twinge of
excitement that comes with all new content. One of the most exciting
bits of new content we are destined to see in this patch, aside from
the much anticipated Siege of Orgrimmar, is the Timeless Isle.

Timeless Isle – How to Get There

Recently unveiled from beneath the
mysterious fogs of Pandaria, the Timeless Isle is a rather
substantial island found off the south eastern coast of the Jade
Forest. After Patch 5.4 is released, players will find a Curious
Ticking Parcel inside their mailbox. Inside this parcel will be a
Curious Bronze Timepiece, that you can click to automatically
teleport yourself to your Timeless faction base. It is unknown if
there is a prerequisite for this item to appear in your mail.
Currently on the PTR the item appears directly after log in with no
other work needed.

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On Timeless Isle

Once you've arrived at your faction
camp on the Timeless Isle you will find a short quest chain that will
introduce you to the island and more importantly Timeless Coins, the
currency here. After that players may be a bit confused about what
exactly they are supposed to be doing here. The answer to that
question is really anything you want.

The Timeless Isle is designed as an
open-world adventure. Here players are encouraged to wander, explore,
and discover. On the island players will also find a host of powerful
creatures that once killed provide powerful rewards. The best part of
the island is that everything, except the world raid bosses (detailed
below) are able to be killed by the solo player. In another twist,
Rares on the island are “no-tap”. That means if you see someone
fighting one, jump on in, even if they are from the opposite faction.
Every person who takes part in killing the Rare will benefit from
killing it. Elites on the island are the standard “group-tap” and
will only benefit the first person (or group) who hits it.

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Every mob on the island drops something
unique. Easier enemies drop smaller items, such as consumables that
will grant you Timeless Coins, while tougher enemies can drop epic
BOA tokens. These tokens can then be used to gain Item Level 496
loot, upgrade tokens to gain ilvl 535 gear, Lesser Charms, battle
pets, and more!

Timeless Events and UI

To encourage this idea of exploration
and adventure on the Isle, Blizzard has introduced the Event System.
Along with this system new UI elements have been thrown into the mix.
For example, any time you come near to any of the rare spawns,
Elites, chests, and events they will automatically pop up on your
mini-map. This means you will almost never miss out on any of the
epic loot these provide. With that being said some of these won't be
easy to get to and players will have to use all of their skills to
reach them.

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Timeless Isle Bosses

On the Timeless Island players will
have the opportunity to take on several bosses. These bosses include
the four August Celestials; Chi-Ji, Niuzao, Xuen, and Yu'lon who can
all be found at the ancient proving grounds in the center of the
island. Groups of players can come in and pick the any Celestial at
any time to prove their worth against. Once defeated the Celestial,
each player will receive his or her own personal loot.

In addition to the Celestials, Blizzard
is bringing back the much beloved world boss. This world boss is
rumored to be hardcore and intended to end-game progression raiders.
Ordos by name, this boss will provide players with several
challenges. For example, to reach Ordos, players much have received
the final Legendary cloak from Wrathion (on at least one character on
their account). In addition to this stipulation, once the battle
against Ordos has begun, players will not be allowed to enter the
sanctuary where the boss resides. Quite the challenge, but one that
will present worthwhile rewards without a doubt.

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Timeless Isle PvP

Players will have the option to join
the ranks of the Ordon, the followers of Ordos. Players who make this
choice will be able to make use of the powers provided by the Censer
of Eternal Agony. Using this Censer will automatically flag the
player for PvP – even their own faction. Don't think that you can
hide either. Once activated the player will shoot bright flames from
their skin, showing all those around them that they are ready for

Don't think the powers granted by the
Censer will allow it to become a quick ganking device. To level
things out players who use this power will have their health reduced
to 10% of its maximum. This health can be healed back up over time,
but makes you pretty vulnerable for at least a short time. For those
players on PvE realms, the rules of flagging will still apply and you
won't have to engage in combat if you don't wish to. However, PvP
realms will find this new ability a menacing new threat. Killing
players while under the effects of the Censer will award you Bloody
Coins, which can be exchanged for rewards on the island.

Celestial Tournament

While completing the initial quest
chain on the island players will be introduced to the Celestial
Tournament. Here Pet Battle extraordinaires can face off against
other contestants. Those players that become very successful in the
tournament may even be grated the privilege to take on the children
of the celestials. Of course getting into the tournament will take
some dedication. Players must have trained 15 pets to their maximum
level to be deemed worthy. Not an easy feat for those of us who use
Pet Battles as some side entertainment.

To enter the Celestial Tournament
players will need to seek out Master Li. Master Li can be found in
the Celestial Court, near the center of the island. Speak to him to
enter the tournament, learn more about it, or see what you can
purchase with your Celestial Coins.

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New content is expected to be added to
the Timeless Isle as the patch progresses and we can't be more
excited. This zone promises to be something special. Will you be
spending some time on the Timeless Isle in Patch 5.4? Share your
thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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