Oh boy, well. So you’re a furry and you want to play a furry friendly MMO. The stigma that exists on the Internet for you is so thick that you could cut it, figuratively, with a knife. Your inner animal is a mix between a husky, a dragon, and a raccoon and you just really want to be your husragoon self at all times on the Internet.

Well, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of MMOs that are furry friendly. Here are your top five best picks, starting off with number 1.

#1: Second Life

Second Life is home to every single online community that doesn’t have a home elsewhere (although please don't assume that furrys haven't made the entire Internet their home). One of the largest groups of players are the furries (also they are the largest group). This game that isn’t a game will allow anyone to be anything that they realistically want to be, as long as they either have the creative skill to take primitive objects and jam them together or use high end 3D modeling software to create their dreams, or convert their money into Lindens and pay someone else to do it.

Second Life Luskwood

Since 2003. Ten years. Think that's long? Keep reading.

I don’t have any specific statistics that state how much of the population of Second Life is furry, but I could just realistically say all of it. Every square inch of it, pretty much. Then some, because there is the open source versions of SL that are full of furries too.

Here is a mini guide on being a furry in Second Life. Step one: login to Second Life. Step two: pick a furry avatar. Step three: Congratulations you are now a wolf sheep bunny dragon fox! Hooray!

So yeah, if you’re a furry and want to play an MMO that is totally cool with your anteater / dragon / corgi inner self, this is literally the one for you.

Jump on in at SecondLife.com They used to have a default furry avatar, but I do think it is still there in your character's "library."

#2: Antilia

This game isn’t out yet, but there is an alpha version and if you’re furry enough then you can totally get in somehow. It is the penultimate furry game because you literally play as a furry in an MMORPG setting. The only reason this doesn’t beat out Second Life is because it’s not live yet and Second Life is eternal and indestructible. I truly believe there will be a scenario in which Phillip Linden becomes the emperor in Warhammer 40k except guiding humanity through the stars he will be guiding it through, well, I won’t say.


The graphics look cool and as a bonus: no Sonic the Hedgehog.

Anyway, Antilia is pretty cool and very innocent as far as furry things go. Unlike SL, there isn’t any form of deviancy, that at least I can tell (super important here and just to be honest I haven't done a ton of research on this so maybe I am completely wrong oh man), and it all seems on the up and up, something rare for the furry community.

Find out more at antilia-game.com.

#3: Guild Wars 2

Yeah, GW2 actually has a few very large furry guilds, obviously comprised mostly of Charr. If you’re a cat slash bear slash rhino then that should work just fine for ya. I don’t really know what more to say about GW2, other than it’s an actual awesome game that everyone should buy and play at some point.

Find out more info about GW2 at our very own Guild Wars 2 Hub.

#4: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

This game is pretty much so full of furries, you can’t go more than five feet without meeting one. You may ask, why didn’t I rate this higher than GW2? Well, because you can’t be a fully anthromorphic character and there is just something hilarious about the furry guilds being nothing at all but Charr, for real.

Anyway, if you’re a furry then this game should obviously hold your attention for awhile, before the fleas start setting in. There are a lot of huge furry guilds and most of the people in the game are really cool with furries since it’s full of the F2P / anime inspired gamers that play Mabinogi more so than the Call of Dudes bros who play some of the other mainstream MMOs.

#5: Furcadia

I don’t want to write about Furcadia. I really don’t even want to think about Furcadia. Furcadia scares me. It scares me more than those little stores that you think oh wow there might be some good deals in here but in reality the place is just full of cats. So many cats. Oh boy. Like, I’m sitting here and I’m trying to think of a good way to describe Furcadia and I honestly can’t. Much like Second Life, Furcadia is immortal. It raised 189k off a Kickstarter and other sources based on making the game more accessible.

I’m trying to think of something to say here and it just doesn’t come to me. Like, Furcadia is a game. It’s on the Internet. People actually play it and throw money at it. You login and it’s like something that came directly out of 1996, which is when it went live. I mean the game predates Everquest and Ultima Online. If you didn’t think furries were something, think about that - they had their own unique MMO in 1996! Most of you reading this probably were just born around then! It is seriously like 17 years old.

Well, if you’re a furry and you want to. I mean, give Furcadia a try! It’s something. That’s for sure. I’m sure at some point in our future, Furcadia and Second Life will fuse and lead to the downfall of humanity or something like that.

If you would like to play Furcadia please google it, I fear for my life in linking to it, as if some inter dimensional wormhole would appear and devour my soul.

That’s all I have to say, really, I’m going to take a shower now in scalding hot water and go outside and stare at some trees or something.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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