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There is something special about mounts in
World of Warcraft. Big, small, mechanical, animal, ground, or flying,
players go literally gaga over mounts no matter the type. Much like pets,
mounts are collected, treasured, and depending on the mount, can even
become a status symbol for those who ride them.

The newest World of Warcraft expansion; Mists
of Pandaria, has offered players up a platter full of brand new
mount-tastic deliciousness. While all these mounts are well worth the
effort to collect, there are a few that stand out well above and beyond
the rest. Check out our picks for top 5 mounts from Mists of Pandaria

Top 5 Mists of Pandaria Mounts

Cloud Serpents

Cloud Serpents are brightly colored creatures
raised and trained by the Pandaren to be used as flying mounts. Sinuous
and beautiful, Cloud Serpent are a must have for any Mists of Pandaira
mount collector. Flying around on your very own Cloud Serpent will be sure
to turn heads. Want a Cloud Serpent of your very own? Cloud Serpent mounts
require the player to farm reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpent.

Once Exalted status has been reached the
player will be able to learn Cloud Serpent Riding and begin a series of
daily quests based around training your Cloud Serpent. Once these quests
are complete, the player will be able to purchase this mount for their
very own. For the astute collector, earn Exalted status with both the
Order of the Cloud Serpents as well as the August Celestials to unlock two
additional Cloud Serpent color options.

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Have you ever thought that a panther mount
would be really cool, especially if it was made not of flesh, but of
various types of stones and gems? Apparently Blizzard had the same idea
and brought it to life as a real mount in Mists of Pandaria. Visually,
these mounts are almost one of a kind and in my opinion, not even a real
panther mount can compare. These stone panthers can only be crafted by
skill level 600 Jewelcrafters who have managed to earn at least Honored
reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpent faction.

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Dragon Turtles

I have always loved the Riding Turtle
available from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Sure he was a bit
slow on land, but still I was smitten. Not being a fan of the card game
and with no similar mount in game, it seemed that this little guy would
elude my grasp forever. Fast forward to Mists of Pnadaria and voilà!

style="font-style: normal">In come the Dragon Turtles as racial mounts
for the Pandaren. These babies are definiatly the cooler older brother
of the Riding Turtle and a definite must have on my list. Races other
than the Pandaren will need to earn Exalted status with this faction to
gain the ability to buy a Dragon Turtle of their very own.

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While riding a Yak may not seem particularly
appealing (smelly?) when you first think about it, taking a gander at the
Yak mounts available in Mists of Pandaria will surely change your mind.
Rugged and sturdy these mounts are a favorite of the slightly annoying,
yet loveable, Grummies. Yaks could be compared to the Mammoth mounts of
the past, however, are much smaller which is a nice and welcome change.
Not to mention the fact that the Yak seems to have a slight issue with the
length of its legs, so when they jump they look ridiculously adorable. Own
a Yak of your very own all you need to do is seek out Uncle Bigpocket in
the Grummie Bazaar, dish out 3,000 gold for the Yak of your choice, no
reputation grind needed.

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Water Striders

Let's face it. Bug mounts are awesome and
there simply aren't enough of them in World of Warcraft. So when one comes
along, you should snatch it up. The fact that the Water Strider is
exceptionally cool is just icing on the cake. Cool visual? Check. Has
another cool ability like say....walking on water? Check! To earn a Water
Strider of your very own and to finally give your other less aqautic
mounts a break from treading water, you must earn Exalted status with the
Anglers faction and dish out 5,000 gold. A small price to pay for a mount
this awesome.

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That wraps up our list of top 5 Mists of
Pandaria mounts. What are some of your favorite mounts from the newest
World of Warcraft expansion? How do you think they compare with mounts
from previous expansions? Share your thoughts with us using the comment
section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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