the World of Warcraft
interface has come quite a ways since it's initial launch back in 2004,
in the minds of players like me, it still needs some tweaking. At no
time is this tweaking more important than at the launch of a brand
spanking new expansion. With Mists of Pandaria almost upon us, it is
time to really dig in and get your user interface into gear.

Thankfully, this is easily done
by delving into the world of user created addons. Here players will
find almost everything they have ever dreamed of when it comes to
modifying their user interface and more. With such a huge selection of
addons the problem often becomes deciding which are essential,
especially with the launch of a new expansion looming over your head.

While we can't tell you exactly
which addons you should use, we can offer some suggestions on the
mater. Below you will find my personal list of must have addons for the
release of Mists of Pandaria, all of which are designed to make my play
experience easier and more enjoyable. Hopefully some of them will prove
to provide the same things to your game.

Top 5 Must-Have Addons for
Mists of Pandaria

Deadly Boss
style="padding: 5px; float: right; width: 250px; text-align: center;"> href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/236218" target="_blank"> src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/236218/preview"

A new expansion, like Mists of
Pandaria, means lots of new additions to the game. Some of these new
additions will undoubtedly come in the form of new and exciting
instances and inside these instances players will find bosses aplenty
to be defeated. Things could get a little hairy the first few times you
and your group takes on these new instances, but you can easily improve
your chances of success by downloading one simple addon: Deadly Boss

For those of you not familiar
with it, Deadly Boss Mods provides the player with a set of timers and
warnings for boss encounters inside World of Warcraft from simple 5 man
encounters to high end raid content. Thanks to this mod players will
find themselves in the know when it comes to boss abilities and easily
be able to save themselves from certain doom, making this mod essential
for Mists of Pandaria. Even after these boss fights become familiar and
even easy, having the gentle reminder from Deadly Boss Mods to move out
the fire, or avoid poison spray, is something that every player will
find they welcome.

Want to add this mod to your
collection? href="http://www.worldofaddons.com/wow/deadly-boss-mods#"
target="_blank">Download Deadly Boss Mods
at World of Addons.


One of the most important
things a player can know in any aspect of World of Warcraft is exactly
where things are, including themselves. This holds especially true in
regard to a new expansion where there will be new quests, new things to
collect, and new lands to explore. Information about where things can
be found will be limited at first and when it can be found will
typically come in the form of number coordinates. For those without a
mod, these coordinates may as well be in some long forgotten language.

The answer to this dilemma
comes in the form of a simple addon called Coordinates. When installed
Coordinates will show the player's coordinates on the minimap as well
as on the bottom of the world map. Simple and usable upon install with
no tweaking necessary, players will never again wonder where they are
or where that elusive object they are seeking can be found.

target="_blank">Download Coordinates
at World of Addons.


As Mists of Pandaria rolls in
so will a slew of new factions and we will all find ourselves doing
mundane and sometimes even ridiculous tasks to impress them and earn
their favor. Keeping track of the various factions, your reputation
with them, as well as the items associated with these factions can be a
dizzying experience. This is especially true for those players who will
also continue to work on old factions as well as the new. The answer to
this confusion comes in the form of a mod called FactionFriend.

FactionFriend not only keeps
track on the various factions you are currently working on, but also
will let the player know exactly how much more they could earn by
turning in the various items they may have in their possession. Need to
know when you will earn a new standing with Therazane? FactionFriend
will tell you. Have a stash of faction related objects that you are
unsure of who to turn in to? FactionFriend will tell you. Installing
FactionFriend for MIsts of Pandaria will ensure that you have one less
thing to worry about in game.

href="http://fizzwidget.com/factionfriend/" target="_blank">Download
FactionFriend at Gazmik
Fizzwidget's Superior Gadget & Doodad Emporium.

style="padding: 5px; float: right; width: 250px; text-align: center;"> href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/236219" target="_blank"> src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/236219/preview"

Pet Battles are destined to be
the hot new thing in Mists of Pandaria. Players who have never had an
interest in pets before will find themselves running out to find the
most unqiue of these to send into battle. These players could simply
buy these pets off the Auction House in the brand new pets tab set up
especially for this purpose, however, those thrifty players among us
will choose to farm up these pets instead.

As we all know, farming can be
a discouraging buisness, especially when you find that you are
exceptionally unlucky. Somewhere around the 1000th kill we all find
ourselves wondering how many mobs we have actually killed and what
chance we should have had to get the pet to drop by now. A mod by the
name of Bunny Hunter can easily answer both of those questions for you.
Simply kill any mobs that drop any of the rare pets the mods supports
and it will spit out a report letting you know how many mobs you've
looted that could potentially drop the pet you seek, how long you've
spent farming, and the chance that you should have
gotten the pet to

While some may wonder how this
information will be useful, those of us who have spent countless hours
farming know that just know the truth. These little tidbits of
information are sometimes all that keep you from certain insanity while
farming. Because of this, Bunny Hunter is a must have for those seeking
out those rare pets in Mists of Pandaria.

target="_blank">Download Bunny Hunter
from World of Addons.


While most of us will find
ourselves on equal footing in Mists of Pandaria, it never hurts to know
someone's history. That is why I for one will not go into the newest
World of Warcraft expansion without downloading the newest version of
Playerscore. Playerscore provides a host of helpful information
including complete raiding history, equipment layout, primary stats,
talent spec, and even allows players to rate other players using a
thumbs up or thumbs down system. Playerscore also comes complete with a
character auditing system that will let you know if players have
missing or bad gems, enchantments or missing equipment. Using this
information you can easily weed out those players you should avoid in
Mists of Pandaria and those you will want along in your groups.

target="_blank">Download Playerscore
at World of Addons.

What are some addons that you
just have to have in Mists of Pandaria? Share them with us in the
comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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