Pet Battles are the hottest new past time in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Hardcore and casual players alike take pleasure in pitting their fearsome (and not so fearsome) pets against each other to determine ultimate supremacy. A new era has opened for vanity pets and there is no going back.

In this brave new world of Pet Battles, players are looking for any and all advantages they can find to become the absolute best they can be. One of the most talked about of these is which pets are the "best" for Pet Battles. Answering this question is not easy, as it takes a variety of pets with different advantages and disadvantages all working as a team to be successful in Pet Battles. However, there are a few pets that stand out above the rest and will inevitably ensure a better chance of success in Pet Battles in Mists of Pandaria. Check out five of these must have pets based on my personal experiences below:

Top 5 Pets for Pet Battles in Mists of Pandaria

Curious Wolvar Pup

In most things you must first learn to walk before you can run. This wisdom holds true in the world of Pet Battles in Mists of Pandaria. Before you become a top pet trainer and in turn master of the PEt Battle world, you must take on less glamorous tasks. In the beginning of your Pet Battle journey you will find yourself pitted against mostly critter type pets and therefore it stands to reason that having a pet that can easily dominate them is a very good idea.

The Curious Wolvar Pup is the perfect pick here. From the Humanoid family the Wolvar takes 33% less damage from critters and also sports several attacks that do extra damage to this specific foe. Obtained from the Children's Week World Event you will only be able to make the Wolvar your very own once a year. However, having this ferocious little guy in your Pet Journal will help ensure your beginning Pet Battles go smoothly with little chance for failure. At least until he grows up....

Sprite Darter Hatchling

From the very first time I encountered them in game I was fascinated with the Sprite Darters and wanted one for my very own. Thankfully, that dream came true when I discovered that I could obtain a Sprite Darter Hatchling as a pet. Now that Pet Battles have been thrown in the mix I am even more thrilled that this pet is actually pretty useful.

Part of the Dragonkin family, Sprite Darter Hatchlings are quick and agile, making them especially effective against Flying pets. The Sprite Darter Hatchling also comes equipped with several abilities that do extra damage to flying foes. Top that off with its ability to do 50% extra damage after a target drops below 25% health and you have a pet that is sure to do some serious damage in any battle. To pick up the Sprite Darter Hatchling head over to Feralas where this pet can be farmed as a world drop by both factions.


The one thing I cannot stress enough about building up your pets for Pet Battles is that you *need* to ensure that you have pets from a variety of families to be successful. As you work your way to becoming the best Pet Battle Master on Azeroth you will undoubtedly encounter some Undead foes. Frogs are notoriously great at defeating Undead because...apparently Undead hate amphibians or something like that.

From the Aquatic family, Frogs take 33% less damage from Undead and come with several abilities in their arsenal that also do extra damage to Undead. While you could choose any frog for the job, I choose Mojo because when he is not in the midst of a Pet Battle he also offers some free entertainment for those who dare to blow kisses his direction. Mojo can be obtained in Zul'Aman after removing hexes upon Zul'Aman Forest Frogs using the Amani Hex Stick.

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Want to get into the spirit of Mists of Pandaria while still getting a great pet for battles in the deal? Look no further than the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. This adorable little pet screams "Pandaria". Don't let its cuteness fool you though, this Mechanical creature can do some major damage in a fight. Taking 33% less damage from Magic attacks, this pet is especially useful against Magic using creatures. This pet's usefulness doesn't stop there though, as the Dragonling can obtain abilities that do extra damage to a variety of other pet types including; Magic, Mechanical, Aquatic, and Beast. Want to add this pet to your battle team? Seek out your local level 575 Engineer to craft this little beauty for you.

Ghostly Skull

Every Pet Battle Master should have an Undead pet in their possession. Undead pets have the uncanny ability of restoring themselves to life once per battle making them extremely useful, and difficult to defeat. Which Undead pet you choose is ultimately up to you, I hover, find dark humor in watching a floating skull attack enemies so in my book the Ghostly Skull is where its at in Undead pets. Add to the fact that this pet is super easy to get and I would call the Ghostly Skull a home run. To make this pet your own head to Dalaran where you can purchase the Ghostly Skull from an NPC named Darahir in the northeastern-most room of the Dalaran sewers.

What pets are on your must have list for Pet Battles? Are there any pets you feel are totally useless? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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