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Top 5 slots themes related to videogames

It’s no news that videogames, nowadays, have turned from niche to mainstream. Actually, it’s one of the more profitable industries when it comes to entertainment. The advance in technology has enriched videogames with realistic graphics and audio making it closer to a movie experience which helps make games more appealing now to the regular public than ever before.

Also, having the ability to play games from our phones or tablets has introduced new gamers to this fine art, as everyone can just download a game for free and try it without the need to buy any extra hardware.

Games where able to cross boundaries and, believe or not, they have landed into slot machines which we will discuss in this article in which we will name a few of the most popular options available. You can always try it out first to see if the graphics, sounds effects and features reached your expectations, playing free slots.

Street fighter

Figures from the classic Street Fighter game

Street fighter has been around for more than thirty years. Created by juggernaut Capcom, it started with an extremely average fighting game back in 1987. The game passed unnoticed back then and still is. But everything changed when Street Fighter II showed up in 1991. It has re-defined the fighting genre. It was fast, the controls were super tight, and the gameplay surpassed its antecessor in every possible way, and we are not even going into detail with the graphics.

The franchise became so popular that it even a puzzle game was released. It became such a hit that a slot machine was created with the game’s license. The game is quite interesting because it features some buttons that give you an extra layer of control over the results. You fight against M. Bison and there is a health bar, like in the game. According to your performance pressing the buttons you will make or take damage, defining how much your earnings will be.

Resident Evil Slot Machine

Before being made into “arguably quality” movies, Resident evil was one of the most popular horror videogame franchise in the industry. Also known as Biohazard in Japan, the game was created by Capcom and released for the PlayStation in 1996.

It featured pre-rendered backgrounds with 3D characters. The game was revolutionary in visuals, sound and story-telling.  Capcom didn’t hesitate to convert this successful franchise into slot machines. There are, as of 2021, fifteen different slot machines or Pachinko, as they are called in Japan.

They mostly feature three reels and a screen on top to follow up the action, showing specific game footage related to each version of the machine.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of duty is a game by Activision. It started as a response to the Medal of honor and Battlefield series from EA. The franchise started back in 2003 and the game was set in World War 2. They were very story driven games back then, and now they are more focused in multiplayer matches leaving single player modes more as a bonus. Late releases also feature a Zombie mode that are very fun.

Call of duty: Warzone is the most popular entry at the moment, which is a free to play battle royale game. An online slot machine version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is available. It features five reels, and a very fun game mechanic that when the spins are over, randomly, a solider might appear and drop a grenade or a mine to make the reel spin again.

It’s a very interesting option if you are fan of the franchise.

Tomb Raider

Tomb raider is another juggernaut when it comes to franchises. It’s reached its peak in popularity back in the 90’s and then rebooted in 2013 with an outstanding trilogy. The game features the adventures of Lara Croft, a female version of Indiana Jones (kind of).

The gameplay is based on shooting, jumping, and finding secrets across tombs, ruins, and temples. It gained the spotlight back in the day not only because of how fun it was, but also because the character was as sexy as polygons allowed it to.

It made it to this list because of its slot machine counterparts. There are mechanical and online versions of the game. The mechanical slot machine is just a regular slot, with three reels. It features the typical fruits, a seven and a Tomb raider logo among a few games inspired icons. It also has a Tomb Raider banner at the bottom.

The online version is a bit more expanded. It has five reels and also game icons. While not as fancy as the Call of duty one, it’s great to go out of the regular slots and see a familiar face from your favorite game as a teenager.


This has to be one of the most popular games of all time. It’s up there with Tetris and Columns. It’s won its place for sure as it was able to stand out with its graphics and addictive gameplay.

The game came out in 2001 for browsers and it was ported to almost every possible platform. Finally, an online slot machine was created using its license.

Just as in the original game, your goal is to match jewels to win prices. The game is extremely fun and it can be accessed from any browser or mobile phone.


While we will always have free slot games to enjoy and win wonderful prizes. If you want to try something different from licenses you already know such as Pachinko Japanese videogame adaptations like Street Fighter and Resident Evil, or games that are more traditional with the addition of a familiar theme to make it stand out, we have options and that’s always good.

Video games is a hobby that many cherish and love, and when it crosses borders like with slot machines it’s beneficial for the media, believe it or not. It keeps the licenses alive and interesting. When companies see interest in these types of brands, no matter the media, they will keep investing and bringing new adventures for us to enjoy.

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Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021