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One of the things I was most
looking forward to with the launch of World of Warcraft: Mists of
Pandaria was the addition of Pet Battles. I was already fond of my
vanity pets and the fact that they would now be more than just
showpieces almost made me jump up and down and squeal like a
schoolgirl. I fully anticipated that when the expansion launched I
would dive headfirst into Pet Battles and become a master in no time at

Sadly, that is not quite how
things worked out. I haven't given much time to Pet Battles and have
instead spent most of my days happily leveling up my Pandaren Monk. I
have decided that now is the time to change that. However, I refused to
dive into the world of Pet Battles totally unprepared. To help me along
the way I wanted to seek out some handy dandy addons that would
make my
Pet Battle experience in Mists of Pandaria just a little bit easier.

To do this I searched various
sites around the web for suggestions and then loaded them up into my
game to try for myself as I embarked on my Pet Battle journey. After
much trial and error, I have discovered what I believe to be some of
the most useful Pet Battle addons currently available. Below you will
find the fruits of my labors with a listing of my top 5 Pet Battle
addon finds. Hopefully these addons will prove to be as useful to you
as they have been to me.

Top 5 World of Warcraft: Mists
of Pandaria Pet Battle Addons

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While Blizzard has a knack for
getting things right, sometimes things don't turn out quite as we may
have dreamed. The Pet Journal is inevitably one of those things.
Somewhat difficult to navigate and
rather unwieldy, I can say with
certainly that I am not alone in my wishing for a simpler way to find
the information I need. The addon
BattlePet Count provides us with
exactly that.

BattlePet Count ignores the Pet
Journal totally and instead provides all pertinent information in the
form of a simple tooltip. When the player hovers over a pet, it not
only lets you know if you already own that particular pet, but also
what level it is, and what quality it is. BattlePet Count also works
with vendors who sell pets, as well as the Auction House, letting you
know if you are currently the owner of any pets available.

Pokemon Trainer

When it comes to Pet Battle
addons in Mists of Pandaria Pokemon Trainer really takes the cake. This
addon single-handedly adds a ton of useful features that will be sure
to aid every Pet Battle enthusiast. You won't believe it till you try
it yourself!

For the first of its tricks,
Pokemon Trainer delivers upon you a handy tooltip when you hover over
any opponent. This tooltip informs you whether your current team has
any pets in it that are stronger than the opponent's. The tooltip
appears no matter what type of pet you hover your mouse over.

Battling against teams of pets?
No problem! Pokemon Trainer provides a similar tooltip whether you are
battling NPCs or other players. Pokemon Trainer also accounts for those
of us who lose our heads in battle and forget which pets do well
against others and provides a handy tooltip when the Switch Pet button
is used showing your team and when you mouse over each of them shows
their viability against the current opponent(s).

For its final trick, the
Pokemon Trainer addon also shows the possible abilities of your enemies
which means you can easily prepare for and possibly counter attacks
even before they happen. This addon is in development stages and while
I did not personally encounter any glitches or bugs, don't get
discouraged if you stumble across some. With even more useful features
planned in the future, when Pokemon Trainer is released in all its
glory it will be even more magnificent than we can imagine. This mod is
a must have for any Pet Battle lover in Mists of Pandaria.

PetJournal Enhanced
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Have I mentioned that I feel
the Pet Journal could use some improvement? Pet Journal Enhanced is
another addon that improves the rather awkward feeling journal. This
addon adds several additional filtering options to the journal that
make life in Mists of Pandaria run a little bit smoother. Pet Journal
Enhanced also shows each individual pet's specialization as an icon
that shows that pet's highest stat as well as that pet's rarity (works
on non-wild pets only). This addon is also in a beta stage, so once
again, some bugs and glitches are to be expected.

PetBattle Teams

While I am not quite ready for
creating any serious teams, since I've only recently focused on Pet
Battles, that doesn't mean that I can't prepare for the future. The
addon Pet Battle Teams is for the player who has more than a few teams
at their disposal and wishes for an easy way to load them up. With a
single click a team can be loaded and ready for your next Pet Battle.
My only complaint with this addon is that it seems you can easily
overwrite any saved team, however, the benefits of this mod make this
slight downfall easy to overlook.

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While actually battling our
pets is what most of us focus on, it stands to reason that to battle we
actually need to get out there and collect pets. No matter if you are a
newbie like me or an old hat, we each need to get out there and expand
our pet collection to create the best teams possible. Wild Pets are one
of the major sources we have to turn to in our efforts to "collect 'em

BattlePetsList makes this
process just a little bit simpler. This simple addon allows the player
to use a slash command to determine what pets are available in the area
your character is in. When used this slash command (/bpl)
BattlePetsList brings up a listing of the battle pets in the area, and
goes an extra step by coloring the pets you have already collected a
delightful red color.

This addon can also check other
zones for battle pets, however, there is a slight pitfall.
BattlePetsLists requires you to be amazingly accurate in your spelling
of the zone name and is also case sensitive. Thankfully this will
hopefully not always be the case as this addon is currently in the
development process and hopefully this issue will be resolved in the
near future.

That is it for my selections
for top 5 Pet Battle addons. What addons have you found particularly
helpful for Pet Battles? Have you discovered any that are duds? Help
increase the knowledge of our community by sharing your experiences
with various Pet Battle addons in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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