Top 7 Dota 2 Teams that Unbelievably Won The International


The International is one of those prestigious events organized by Valve that has become every pro player’s dream to compete in, most especially in Dota 2. Not only for the highest esports prize pools offered and the exposure of your favourite teams playing in tournaments but also the potential of new esports clubs. The annual gaming event TI 8 is ongoing at the moment, and you can tune in to watch the live action following the professional players while you place your best dota 2 betting wagers.

Some say that history repeats itself, so perhaps maybe one of these teams could win again. Below are the seven teams that won The International Championships over the years.

Natus Vincere, a Team Born to Win

Their first esports tournament that Navi had ever participated was The International 2011 held in Cologne, Germany. Sixteen dota 2 teams were invited to take part in this prestigious event, but one squad was born to win the game, it was none other than Natus Vincere.


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Their journey through the tournament started with the Group stages, where Navi beat the likes of GosuGamers, Scythe Gaming and NeVo to remain in the Upper Brackets. The Born to Win team outplayed Moscow Five and Invictus Gaming to reaching the Upper Bracket Final, Natus Vincere met Scythe Gaming to win the match with an unbeatable score of 2-0.

Progressing to the Grand Finals, Navi faced the winners of the Lower Brackets, EHOME, where they proved their consistency, defeated the Chinese unit with an astonishing score 3-1, taking home their first grand prize of an overwhelming $1 million. A great accomplishment and a safe dota bet on Navi for not losing one match all the way through.

Invictus Gaming, The Unconquered Team

The second edition of The International Championship was in Seattle, Washington at the Benaroya Hall. Fourteen professional teams got to participate, while two squads earned their spot as the 'West Qualifier' Mortal Teamwork and 'East qualifier' Tongfu.

Invictus Gaming went through the Preliminaries beating top esports teams like Complexity, Darer, Orange, Tongfu, mTw and EHOME. IG began the Upper Brackets outplaying Evil Geniuses with a record of 2-1. The dota team lost to Navi, moving down to the Lower Brackets, persisting on to beat EHOME in Round 4 and Team DK in Round 5. IG defeated LGD with an incredible score of 2-1, paving their way towards the ultimate match.


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Esports fans and gamers around the world bet on dota 2 team, Invictus Gaming who defeated Natus Vincere with an unbeatable score of 3-1. The Chinese proudly won The International 2012 Championship to claim their staggering million-dollar prize.

Alliance, a Unit of Allies

Esports fans witnessed Alliance take the Dota Championship of The International 2013. Thirteen professional teams received a direct invitation to participate while the other three had to go through qualifying tournaments to compete as the ‘West Qualifier’ and ‘East Qualifier’. The last chance to compete at TI was the second runner-ups of the East and West qualifying matches. There were sixteen dota 2 units but only one squad, Alliance proved their potential to win.


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The Swedish team Alliance, started the Group stage beating top esports teams like LGD. International, Invictus Gaming, RattleSnake, Tongfu, Team Liquid, Virtus.Pro and Orange. Placing in the Upper Brackets, the allied squad defeated LGD Gaming with a remarkable score of 2-0, outplaying Team DK to win the match 2-1. Closing the Upper Bracket Finals, the dota 2 squad faced off Natus Vincere in two round of games that lasted approximately half an hour each. The match ended in favour of Alliance with an excellent score of 2-0.

The International 2013 Grand Finals saw Alliance and NaVi once again compete to become the dota champions. The match itself featured a set of five games where two rounds were won by Natus Vincere and three by the Swedish team. Keeping their winning streak through every tournament, it was a close call in certain moments of the game. In the end, Alliance came out the winners of TI 3, taking home the grand dota trophy and a huge cash prize of $1.4 million.  


Newbee, the Blue Knights

Dota 2 fans that watched the fourth edition of The International tournament saw Newbee, the crowned winners. The annual esports event TI 4 took place at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington for the third consecutive year. The match featured sixteen professional squads that came from different continents from around the world, North America, Europe and Asia.

The Chinese team, Newbee started The International 4 in the Upper Bracket Round 1 against Vici Gaming. In a best of three games, the Blue Knights won two games over VG with an incredible score of 2-1, in fact, one of them was over in quick record timing of 14 minutes. Their next match was the Upper Bracket Finals, where Blue Knights faced off Evil Geniuses winning the two sets of games which resulted in an unbelievable record of 2-0.


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Progressing to the Grand Finals, the Chinese met the Lower Bracket winners, Vici Gaming once again. In a match of four rounds, Vici Gaming won the first within 25 minutes that gave time for Newbee to get to know what kind of strategy they had in place. The drive to succeed then turned towards the Chinese Knights who triumphed in the next three consecutive games. The rounds were played out swiftly, with the first finishing within twenty-six minutes, the second in seventeen and the last series was over in a quarter of an hour. Seconds later, Newbee was holding up high the shiny Aegis, claiming their well-deserved cash reward of a whopping $5 million at The International 2014.


The Dark Evil Geniuses

The International 5 held in Seattle, featured the top 16 teams that battled fiercely for their hopeful chance to win such a prestigious tournament. This event is a dream for all dota players actually to participate in and an even bigger fulfilment for Evil Geniuses to win the competition in 2015.


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In the group stages, Evil Geniuses came to a tie against Newbee, beating Virtus. Pro, EHOME and Empire. On top of these, the dota 2 squad managed to outplay Vici Gaming and MVP HOT6ix with stunning results of 2-0 on both matches.

The International 5 kicked off with the Upper Brackets where Evil Geniuses defeated Complexity with a remarkable record of 2-0, to progress to UB Round 2, where the North American team bested EHOME 2-1. The Upper Bracket Finals saw EG lose two games to CDEC Gaming, moving down to the Lower Bracket finals, where EG eliminated LGD Gaming with a surprising score of 2-0.

All dota bets were on the clash between two strong squads, EG and the Chinese, CDEC Gaming. They played in a best of five Grand Final that finished with an astonishing score of 3-1 in favour of the American team. The Geniuses of Evil triumphantly took the shiny Aegis trophy and claimed their highest reward of a jaw-dropping $6.6 million.   


Wings Gaming

All dota fans tuned in to watch The International 2016, where the competition featured the best sixteen squads in the world. Six received direct invitations; eight units had to go through regional qualifiers to represent America, China, South East Asia and Europe. As the competition unfolded, Wings Gaming could not be stopped.

Wings were very unpredictable though the TI6 Group Stage, placing third. They managed to score a tie against top-tier teams like Evil Geniuses and OG, beating Escape Gaming and Alliance. Once they were in the Upper Bracket, Wings Gaming seemed to be on a winning streak, defeating MVP Phoenix and eliminated Evil Geniuses in the Winner's Bracket Finals.


C:\Users\maria.christina\Desktop\wings gaming win ti6.png


The Grand Finals of The International 6 saw Wings Gaming face off the Lower Bracket winners, Digital Chaos to finish 3-1 to claim their grand prize. The Chinese team, Wings Gaming won The International 2016 Champions, heading home from Seattle with just over $9.1 million. In 2017, the squad disbanded due to financial issues but this did not stop the players from gaming to join Team Random.


Team Liquid, the Competitive Stallions

The seventh annual Dota 2 Championship, The International 7 held in Seattle for the sixth consecutive year with the best world teams competed from around the world.

Team Liquid started out in the Upper Brackets Round 1 in a losing streak against Invictus Gaming. So they moved to the Lower Brackets dominating every match and defeating the likes of Team Secret, Empire, Virtus. Pro, LGD Gaming and LGD.Forever Young.

A year of excellent results for Liquid in 2017 where the squad had shown strong game plays on their way to The International. Thanks to the team leader of Kuro ‘Kuroky’ Takhasomi together with the star player Ivan ‘MinD_ContRoL’ Borislavov Ivanov who managed to put pressure on his enemies early in the game with the hero, Nature Prophet. Due to the force earlier, Ivanov secured six kills in six minutes to put them in the lead. In the Grand Final, Liquid’s performance was an epic moment, sweeping Newbee with an incredible result of 3-0. All esports fans witnessed the astonishing victory of Team Liquid, taking home the first prize of a staggering $10.8 million.


C:\Users\maria.christina\Desktop\Team-Liquid win ti7.png


After winning TI 7, Team Liquid won the titles of the StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4 and more recently the China Dota 2 Supermajor. The unit finished in second place at the ESL One Genting 2018 and the premier Epicenter XL. These results have shown that Team Liquid has the potential to take the Aegis and in fact, they are one of the favourites to win this year’s dota 2 event.

Who will win The International 2018? Over the past year, Team Secret and Evil Geniuses have proved that they too have the strength to go all the way. Will Team Liquid find any obstacles from promising units like Virtus. Pro and Chinese squad, PSG.LGD? At the moment, it is difficult to conclude which team will triumph, but in the meantime, you can watch all the action and place your dota 2 betting on your favourite esports team.  

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Last Updated: Aug 25, 2018