Top Esports Games You Can Play on Mobile 

Did you know that there are 5 billion mobile users on this planet? Yes, that’s it, and it’s easy to figure out why there are so many users. Today’s mobile devices are small, easy to carry around and have all the benefits of your laptop, in the palm of your hand. With millions of applications to download on your smartphone from google play or the app store, your mobile is literally a stop shop for all your daily needs, from booking your next holiday to ordering your fashion accessories and also to downloading your favourite games to play while you’re bored waiting for your tube or public transport pick up.

To make a choice is more straightforward for you when it comes to choosing your favourite mobile game, we have listed the top 5 video games according to the number of downloads and players found during our research on the many esports sites around. While most gamers will prefer to play these games on their gaming pc or laptop, with the increased fast-paced life, the availability of these games on smartphones will make it easier for you to keep updated with the best esports players out there. You can follow their every move and most of all, if you’re into wagering some cash on your favourite esports team, you will be able to do so by signing up to some of the best esports betting sites around.

Here’s your list:

5.    Hearthstone - 10.1 million downloads


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The original virtual card game created by Blizzard was Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. You can install the video game via the App Store. The mobile links to your Blizzard account for you to play. Better yet, you can follow live streaming of online matches, learning from the pros. Watching them play will give you an idea on whom to place your Hearthstone esports bets.  

The goal of Hearthstone is to dwindle your opponent's health with the best set of powerful cards. Spells and minion summoning giving you control of an ever-changing battlefield. This fast-paced game, quick thinking & smart, sly strategies will prove to be essential.

Experience the Hearthstone magic and chaos, by forming a team with close friends or gaming allies. Explore the Witchwood forest while hunting the evil spirits hiding in the shadows.

4.    Vainglory 5V5 – 10.1 million downloads


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In 2014, the game developers, Super Evil Megacorp released the original mobile version, Vainglory. As a multiplayer online battle arena or (MOBA) video game, two teams of three players each taking on a mighty hero to combat in a one-lane map. The aim of the game is defeating your opposing squad by taking down the five turrets that guard the heart of the base that leads you to destroy the Vain crystal.

Aside from defending your base and attacking, you can also roam around in search of loot. While at it, you could trick your enemy into a trap, helping you gain more territory. Vainglory has its fair share of high skills and great strategies on the battlefield, with map awareness, you could create havoc and catch your opponents off-guard.

Vainglory achieved significant success in the Asian gaming market reaching 1.5 million active players. From the app store to your mobile, your Vainglory journey starts with your team of friends, taking on the fight.

3.    PUBG Mobile – 60.8 million downloads


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The most popular game played in 2017 was PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds. The shooter game is all about trying to survive to be the last person standing among a 100 people in a shrinking map. Many pro gamers show off their chaotic conflicts and escapes in matches. PUBG matches are an excellent chance for you to learn these gameplays.

In March 2018, Tencent released the mobile app to reach more gamers worldwide. PUBG Mobile broke a record as the most downloaded video game in over 100 countries within the first week. This coming September will feature the first PUBG Mobile Campus Championship tournament. Such competitions give you the possibility to bet on esports tournaments featuring PUBG. Apart from this, you can learn from the best esports players and try out their gameplay.

2.    Fortnite Battle Royale - 140 million downloads


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Epic Games developed the multiplayer shooter game Fortnite in 2017. Growing their player base, the developers created Battle Royale suitable for mobile devices. The free to play battle mode is a shooter game that tests your survival skills, precise shots and building defensive forts.

Make sure that before you play with your friends, practice Fortnite with several heroes like Master Grenadier, Warden, Swordmaster and Ranger. Improving your strategic gameplay, you learn how to stay alive, pick out temporary hiding places and escape when the time is right.  

Through your gaming account on your mobile, you also can play on your personal computer or TV. Epic Games are proud to bring you an enjoyable Battle Royale mode hunting the zombies and shooting your enemies, defending yourself building forts.  

1.    Clash Royale – 142.8 million downloads


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Supercell are the developers that created the esports game, Clash Royale. The mobile version combines card games, defence and real-time strategy to keep you hooked. Individual players get to represent their teams in big esports tournaments to battle it out for the cash prize.    

The mobile game is available to download from google play or the app store. Play 1v1 matches, against your friends or any stranger who is part of this huge gaming community. Here’s how it’s played in brief; you and your opponent stand opposite each other on the battlefield with a goal to defend your base. All the while, attacking and destroying your opponent with a set of unique cards. Remember, The King’s Tower is the most important building in battle, targeted by Giants, Golems and Goblins so keep your Barbarians, Musketeers and Archers on guard, at the ready to attack.  

Talking of esports competitions, the first of the Clash Royale Crown Championship series held in 2017, there was a record of over 28 million participants. A Mexican 17-year-old player, Sergio ‘SergioRamos’ Ramos from Nova Esports was crowned the winner of the Clash Royale World Finals, taking home a grand reward of $150K.

Clash Royale was a demonstration of esports in the Asian Games 2018. The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach expressed his views about competitive gaming and the Olympics, saying: “We cannot have in the Olympic program, a game which is promoting violence or discrimination, so-called ‘killer games’. They, from our point of view, are contradictory to the Olympic values and cannot, therefore, be accepted. If you have egames where it’s about killing somebody, this cannot be brought into line with our Olympic values.”

Within the last few years, esports was the secret to keep the gaming scene exciting. Your smartphone is, in fact, the easiest and most accessible way to play games rather than waiting for your computer to start up. Reaching the masses worldwide, electronic games are now adapted on mobile devices so that you can enjoy competition among friends. On top of that, you could follow up on the latest gaming news and tournaments to learn from the pros and perhaps you could place your best esports bets on top teams.

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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018

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