Top Games for eSports Betting

In recent years, eSports has seen rapid growth. The success and development of the industry have also had a huge effect on the amount of prize money currently being given to players.

Take the famous League of Legends World Championships, and you can easily see how the rise of the market has affected the prize money on offer. In the first year of the tournament, the champion took home $50,000.

The next series's cash prize progressed up to $1 million, and now the prize pool for the championships is estimated to be just over $3 million. This is more reason why you may be on the hunt for top esports games to bet on. Below are some options to consider.

Global Offensive

Global Offensive is one of the earliest eSports games and has a very broad and varied following. Swedish teams dominate this game.

Betting for this game means making a straight bet on the result of a match or competition and is very popular among European online betting platforms. You can easily play at Harry's Casino site and find many eSports tournaments where people bet on these games.  In competitions where groups compete before the knockout championships, bets can be made on each game's winners. Bets can also be taken on nations participating in the game.

League of Legends

This is still one of the most famous games in Europe and North America with respect to the number of times the game is played. The game in recent years has also seen a spike in success in Asia.

The world championship League of Riot Games will be the largest competition, with teams from all over the world.

Match bets, i.e. bets on the result of a single match, are the most common bets on this game. Outright bets can also be made where bets on the result of the entire tournament are taken. This raises the odds due to rising variables.


This game has been published since 2014 and has won a sky-high fan base in the last few years.

It had accrued about 30 million registered users around the globe within a year of its release and has been a major success with online poker players.

The straight winner bet is one of the bets on Hearthstone. Because the game draws many players who want to qualify for the top prize, the odds are very high most of the time, even on favourites. Placing bets may also be allowed on each match, but such bets' chances are shorter, especially if one contestant has a good chance to win.

Starcraft II

This is the follow up to the famous Starcraft game and is very popular in South Korea.

As in other titles, Starcraft II bets often rely on teams' aggregate performance in games and competitions and on who can hit semi-finals and quarter-finals.


Betting can also be made on the winner's nationality. And if there's a favourite to win, then bets can be made on a non-favoured team's chance of winning a game.


Heroes of the Storm

This game isn't so old as it was released in 2015 and is a merger of Blizzard's previous games, including World of Warcraft and Starcraft.

The most common bet on this eSport game is the bet on the tournament's outright team winner.

It is quite possible to place bets on which player in a team will have the best performance.

Some of the other possible bets that can be placed in this game are which team will progress, how far they will progress into the tournament and the number of players from a certain country that will progress during a tournament. It is also possible to bet on what level each of those players will progress to.

ESports betting markets

If you are trying to bet on any of the above eSports, it will be great to know about the betting market. Here are some of the common betting options you will encounter.


  • Match Winner: This is the most popular bet in eSports and is a bet put on the team that players think is likely to succeed.

  • Handicap Betting: A handicap is given to the match-winner for this form of betting, which increases the probability of winning but also introduces greater risks.

  • Double chance: There can be three results in a game, victory, draw or lose. Double chance: The double probability means that bets can be taken on the two most possible results.

  • Correct score: bets are made on the game's final score and must be played over a minimum of two games. 

  • Map X Winner: bets in this category are placed on who's going to win a given game map or subset.

  • Win at least 1 Map: bets here are placed on a team for a minimum of one map.

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Last Updated: Feb 15, 2021