There is a lot of variety in the horror genre and while the movie industry tends to often times trend towards gorefest instead of horror, the team over at Undead Labs is looking to craft a suspenseful world filled with terror and the fear of the undead. Recently the team sat down with Art Director Doug Williams to learn more about his inspirations and work to help design the horror-filled atmosphere of the team’s upcoming co-op horror title, Class3.

Class3 will be the introduction to the teams other title referred to as a zombie-based online open world game currently known as Class4, but Williams has a vision for how he wants to introduce players to that world in Class3 and he’s using some real-world inspiration to help craft the atmosphere as well as a bit from certain horror movies such as Tom Savini’s 1990 re-make of Night of the Living Dead.

Horror isn’t always about something exotic or supernatural. Normal can be terrifying when it’s flipped or when foreign things invade that familiarity. Think about the way you’d feel if you came home one night to find one of your bookcases flipped over; or if you walked in and saw a zombie in your living room. That instant fight-or-flight instinct you get is the heart of horror.

You can read the full interview with Doug Williams on the Undead Labs website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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