The optional toggle option for PvP, coming in Warlords of Draenor, is some of the best news we've heard so far.

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There are two main types of servers
players can choose from when starting their World of Warcraft
adventure; PvE (Player vs. Everything) or PvP (Player vs. Player). As
most of us know, those who select PvP servers are in for a far
greater challenge. They have to not only defend themselves against
mobs found in the world, but also against other players. With few
safe places, players on PvP servers can face death at any moment.

On PvE servers, things are a bit less
intense, but no less fun. Players still have to face off against the
nasty mobs out for blood, but other players are not a threat, even if
the player is of the opposing faction. The way it is supposed to
work, players should be able to choose when they want to flag
themselves for some PvP or head into a PvP designated zone, like an
arena or battleground. Of course this is not always the way things
work out.

Hapless PvE Server Bystander Syndrome

In fact, more often than you would
think, players find themselves in unwanted PvP situations just by
misclicking. Not to mention the host of shenanigans that players have
enacted to You know the ones I'm talking about, flagged players
hovering over mailboxes or popular NPCs, jumping around in front of
melee characters until they accidentally click on them and troves of
others that have been perfected over the years.

Even just the simple healing of a
friend, who happens to be toggled PvP, can earn you your own flag.
Who cares if you didn't notice that their PvP flag was on, you now
have to pay the price. If you are like me, you hide in a corner
somewhere until the flag wears off and hope no one finds you or you
can simply resign yourself and join in the PvP madness.

Either way, we end up feeling like PvP
is being jammed in our face. We didn't make the choice, not really,
but we still have to face the consequences. Wouldn't it be nice if
PvP really was a choice you could make all the time? In fact,
shouldn't it *always* be totally up to the player if they wish to PvP
or not? No mistakes, no players able to troll you, simply your option
to choose if you want to take part in PvP on a PvE server or not? I
think so.

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Toggling PvP Off in Warlords of Draenor

Of course, my opinion is just a small
drop in a larger pool. What really matters, is what the big man
upstairs (in this case Blizzard) thinks about the subject and
sometimes that is not very clear. However, in this case a recent
Blizzard blue post by Bashiok has made things pretty crystal clear.
After a lengthy post titled
“!!!”, in which a poster
laments the PvP he feels he is forced into, Bashiok had this to say
in response

“Well, I understand where you're
coming from, but flagging as a PvE character is based on a player's
action to flag themselves (even if it's on accident), so I'm not sure
it's us making you PvP. The systems that can cause someone to flag
can absolutely at times be involuntary, which is notably frustrating.

In any case we are continuing toward
a goal of a PvP on/off toggle for players on PvE realms to be added
in Warlords of Draenor, which would absolutely and in all situations
allow someone to refrain from becoming flagged regardless of their
actions. Heals toward flagged players would fail, coalescing to PvP
realms wouldn't be possible, misclicks and AoE's would never damage a
flagged opponent, etc. It's actually quite a bit of work because of
all the systems involved, but it's still something we think PvE
players should have, and how the game should work for them.”

Turns out, Blizzard
agrees with my (and many others) opinion that PvP for players looking
for a PvE experience should be totally and absolutely optional. To
address the problem, we can expect an on/off button for players on
PvE realms that will be added in Warlords that will allow us to
refrain from PvP no matter what. No misclick or
trolling player can force us into the PvP arena, we are totally safe
to enjoy our PvE experience without fear of being ganked by another

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A Choice is a
Wonderful Thing

While many will
scoff at this plan, I am ecstatic about the idea. I believe
that being
able to choose if you wish to have a PvP or PvE experience in the game
should totally be up to the player. Just like many opt out of
raiding, players should be able to totally opt out of PvP. Remember,
what is fun for one player, may not be fun for the next.

I can see many
players opting for the permanent toggle and I readily admit that I am
one of them. PvP has never been my cup of tea (which is why I roll
characters on PvE severs) and I will be glad to never have to worry
about an accidental PvP flag ever again. How do you feel about the
upcoming addition of the toggle to turn PvP totally off for those on
PvE servers? Will you be using it? Why or why not? Share your
thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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