In this week's newsletter Shayalyn makes a rather stunning
confession--for a while, she'd lost that lovin' feeling for Vanguard.
But now she's found it again, and she's playing the game more than
ever. Find out why by climbing up to Shay's Treehouse. Read the blog,
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I ventured back into Telon a little jaded, figuring that I would end up
forcing myself to play again. But something surprised me–I
found myself
having fun. And not only was I having fun, but I was eager to log in.
My little strawberry blond cleric is nearly level 18 now, and
I’m going
to play her later today. And probably tomorrow. And certainly Sunday.
After all, I have that United Races of Thestra armor quest to finish!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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