Interview with Mark Daivs and Steve Perkins has updated their site today with this interview that covers the upcoming Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The first few questions that I asked were asked for clarification, starting with the exact license that they have. We all know and can see the influences that the miniatures game is having on WAR, but I was curious as to whether the license extended beyond that, to all of the Warhammer (excluding 40K) IP.

"It's kind of like Batman..." said Mark, and you know that any answer that starts with a phrase like, 'it's kind of like Batman' is going to be good, "You know there was Batman the Animated Series, there was Batman the movie, there was a Batman comic book, and all of those different versions kind of had the same kind of core thing. There's always the butler, there's always the batmobile... Each version is slightly different, kind of tailored to your needs. The TV version was comical, while the movie version was very dark, so what we're doing with the Warhammer IP is we're tailoring it specifically for an MMO, so there will be aspects that will be just like you might remember in the pen and paper IP, but really what we've done is we've adapted the IP to fit an MMO."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016