War of 2012: Flames of Open Beta Burning

War of 2012 is a SLG browser game, and was produced by a passionate group of developers with deep love for this browser genre. Success in its homeland eventually lead it to Korea were it was produced by NCSOFT. The game became a major success there as well as Japan under the Seedc flag.

Now CAPLAY is proud to bring this game to the English speaking parts of the world and Open Beta began at 11:00 14th Sep (CST).

War of 2012 has themes alluding to the Maya Prophecy. It was predicted by the Mayan civilization thousands of years ago that on December 21, 2012 a cataclysmic event would unfold. This date marked the completion of a 5,125 year Great Cycle. But no one was truly prepared for the events that followed.

The Earth's populace turned to chaos as the magnetic poles suddenly reversed. All electronics devices and technological advancements made by the human race were rendered null and void. This caused massive solar flares that penetrated the Earth's magnetic field and humanity was literally left in complete and total darkness. Although survivors are few, people began to form into tribes who shared the burden of endured hardships and have fought to survive with arable land and limited knowledge.

A few lucky survivors were able to escape the pandemonium aboard the Genesis Ark. The Genesis Ark was built by those who planned ahead for the end of the Great Cycle. The Ark holds the only surviving fragment of modern civilization and now you have been appointed leader and protector of its contents as you band together to survive. There are many potential enemies to be on the lookout for. Bands of self-proclaimed Warlords have declared war in an effort to prioritize what resources are left.

From the individual parts of the Ark that had given you shelter to the meager fall crop harvested only a month before. The only thing you and your compatriots can rely on is the skill and knowledge gathered from the sheer effort of survival. While you have no true knowledge or training in weaponry, you have been able to start building practical shelter.

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War of 2012 features a stylish exotic interface and architecture, and to compliment this there is more than 30 types of troops available for battle. That sounds attractive right? And we have more outstanding distinct featuresto share:

Distinct Ages: Play through Dark, Feudal, Castle, and Imperial Age. By evaluating age, one can not only find the architecture style moving from common to splendent, but also see the game development step into a profound but compound level---hero, equipment, troop correlation, technology elements that makes war far more than an artwork.

Sophisticated Heroes: Fight with Multiple heroes in a single battle! 2012 Unique hero system makes mythic empires come alive. Furthermore, don’t miss the hero transcending system---a rebirth of more powerful heroes.

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Equipment Crafting: Dismantle spare equipment to refine your own. It is definitely wasteful to abandon outdated equipment. Now you can recycle them! Here is an example of recycling spare or outdated equipment to get resources to be used to refine superb equipment.

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Item Auctions: Trade equipment and merchandise to fellow players for free! Shop and game campaign are not the only sources to collect item and war-ware. War of 2012 bestows a new definition to Market where player not only trades resources but also auction their spare items for coins.

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Temple Arena: Fight with alliance members to be more powerful. The Temple Arena is War of 2012’s very own battle system; there are 6 Temples available in game. Winning battles within this feature will award an alliance’s members with some awesome rewards. 

Wars: Solid battle strategies triumph over sheer numbers. There are over 12 troop columns in the game, and combined with the hero system the game opens a level of complexity that strategists will find satisfaction. Commanding wisdom in war and battle is key to success!

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This is one battle you don’t want to miss!!! All of mankind lies in the balance. Are you strong enough to survive this war ravaged world? Ready to join us?

Official Website: War.caplay.com

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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