Get Ready for War of 2012: Live Oct. 1st (CST)

On October 1st at 10:00 (CST?, a great cataclysm will be witnessed across the globe when the first live server for War of 2012 will be launched. Join us in this epic struggle as CAPLAY proudly presents you the chance to take command of those who have been lucky enough to survive the devastation. All of civilization must rise out of the ashes and begin to rebuild, relying completely on your wisest decisions. The survivors support your bid to build a new nation, but you must direct new research, train adequate military, and most importantly seek out talented heroes to lead your forces! The carnage that awaits you will test the very limits of your skill as you will be one of the first to claim your right to rule this shattered new world. The future of all mankind hangs in the balance, will you heed the call?

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War of 2012 brings users brand new, next generation features that make playing fun and cohesive. Developed by a team who understands what players want from a strategy game, let us take a look at some of these amazing distinctions that set the game apart from its competition.

Never Feed Another Troop!

Troop upkeep is simply too time consuming, and constantly worrying over whether your troops will have enough food is ridiculous. Then some situation occurs where you can’t make time to check them and you find that they’ve already either died or ran off. So why even bother to feed troops? In War of 2012 troop cost is minimal, and you’ll never have to feed a single one of them!

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An Exotic, Yet Classical Style!

Prepare to rule with an overlay that consists of soft, eye catching color tones and revolutionary user-interface that is easy to navigate. Behold the delicate ancient and classical building styles that will inspire you to greatness. War of 2012 absorbs you into a world submerged in darkness to begin your epic journey.

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Recycle and Refine Equipment

Great equipment is vital to give you the edge you will need to survive. You’ll start the game with basic equipment to outfit your heroes, as you progress into a more powerful player your Heroes will demand the best equipment to battle. Crafting outstanding equipment is an advanced feature in War of 2012. All old equipments can be dismantled into precious materials, which can be used to forge superior quality equipment. Now you can just recycle your old equipment and make it useful!

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Military Tactics

There are more than 30 types of troops and 12 troop columns in the War of 2012. The deep troop correlation system will give every player a chance to show their unique knowledge of War.

Battle with Multiple Heroes!

Most games out there only allow you to send a single officer or in best cases just a few. Why limit yourself with just a few? In War of 2012 players can use up to 15 heroes in a single battle. Using 15 heroes to make an all-out attack or last ditch defense, now that is a battle worth the effort!

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Welcome to the War of 2012. For more free rewards details, you can visit

From 1st Oct. (CST) on, there will be series of Live Server warm up contests and bonus giveaways. See whether you can get yours. For more details, you can go to

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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