EA Mythic is attempting to do a lot of things differently with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning whether it's their crafting system, living guilds, or Tome of Knowledge. One aspect that makes it standout however is the integration of PvP content into the very foundation of the game. Not satisfied with just adding an "appendage" of mechanics, Realm vs Realm combat will be the heart and soul of everything players do in the world.

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This End Faces Out

Is Warhammer Online really for players who mainly enjoy PvE gameplay? Will they to be able to integrate themselves into the world and enjoy it? The following are a few tips for those not necessarily indoctrinated into PvP/RvR which should help you prepare for launch later this fall.

The first thing you can do is try out some First Person Shooters with multiplayer or other MMO games with PvP. It might sound a little ridiculous to try out an FPS, but the biggest difference you'll see is pacing. There is no "pulling," resting up to regain hit points, or using repetitive tactics to counter the AI. You'll find things fluid on any battlefield and human controlled enemies are smarter (sometimes) and a lot more unpredictable. More importantly, these games will teach you to memorize your surroundings, experiment with tactics, and work as part of a team for a common goal.

As technology continues to advance, we see internet architecture improving in every continent of the world. Bandwith is now available to provide what was once unobtainable, voice chat which provides players a way to communicate in real time. Gone are the days of typing furiously into a chat box and being dead before you finished your sentence or having to macro unique responses for numerous events. While Warhammer Online will not have an integrated system such as World of Warcraft or EverQuest 2, there are still plenty of third party applications like Ventrilo or Team Speak available.

Being able to communicate with the people you are fighting along side provides a significant increase in response time and gives you a tactical advantage. This is becoming the norm in this type of gameplay so while it might be avoidable now, you might not be able to hide forever. While I know many people (especially those of us from the old school MMO games) might not be comfortable voice chatting with a bunch of strangers but look at it this way. That woman with the sexy voice probably isn't a woman. Doesn't that help?

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Westside Story?

One of the biggest downsides uninitiated PvE players will run into is occasional outpouring egos of a few individuals. That isn't to say there aren't those type of people in PvE (we're looking at you hardcore raiders) but the frequent measuring of epeens can drive the unprepared into shock. Bragging rights are one of the biggest motivations for competitive play and were a major factor in the creation of things such as leaderboards. How do you deal with it? Put yourself in a situation where you will have fun and take nothing personally. The time will come when you are killed in such a horrific manner it will actually cause a tremor in the Force. Learn from it and get back in the fight.

If there is one thing the internet has taught us, it's that prescription medical products are available almost anywhere you look. If there are two things it has taught us, it's that people who PvP have developed their own unusual language. Similar to the English Cockney (stop giggling) or Boomhauer from King of the Hill, players have created terms like carebear, gank, grief, and my personal favorite Tea-nied. It is almost never advisable to Google terms in the middle of a Keep siege so doing a little research ahead of time might provide you an understanding of what people are saying. Your other alternative is to admit to an experienced player you have no idea what any of these terms mean and have them translate for you.

The most important piece of advice you can get however, is to find veteran players who will show you the ropes. It never hurts to have someone backing you up because there is strength in numbers and it might even save you a few deaths. There is absolutely no substitute however for experience. As much as we'd like to believe learning everything you can about your class and the game will make you a superior player, there are many things people have to see for themselves. Benefit from this experience while developing your own playstyle and it's almost guaranteed to reduce frustration.

We hope this has provided a few tips for PvE players transitioning into a PvP world. Are you an experienced PvPer? What advice would you give?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016