Well, we can play WAR and we can play Warhammer, either way it's gonna be a blast!

We all know where Warhammer Onlne: Age of Reckoning came from. It was originally that game you used to play, your brother/sister used to play, the miniatures you used to paint, etc. Most pen and paper gamers have dealt with Warhammer tabletop in some shape or form, and the designs of the miniatures alone were so awesome that it was inevitable that a game would be made based on those actual designs... as well as the world itself. Ten Ton Hammer sat down with Erik Mogensen, Licensing and Acquisitions Manager for Games Workshops, and he talked to us about some of the influences WAR has had on the miniatures game, their involvement after launch, and his thoughts on the future of tabletop gaming in a virtual world.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016