Questions by: Tony "RadarX" Jones
Answers by: Carrie Gouskos
, Mythic Entertainment

One of the most unique aspects of Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is the Tome of Knowledge. This souped up tracking system is the love child of a traditional quest journal and XBox Live's achievement system. Providing players with information about lore, quests, and areas it details everything you need to know about where you are going and what you have done. Ten Ton Hammer had the opportunity to talk with Carrie Gouskos who has been working in the Tome of Knowledge diligently for quite some time and get the inside story.

Ten Ton Hammer: From a video we saw back in March, there was mention the Tome of Knowledge not only records your quests and accomplishments, but the actual dialog. Will this be something for all quests or just the main story line ones?

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Tome of Knowledge

Carrie Gouskos: Yes. Yes. In fact, awhile back I told people we weren't tracking completed quests. We're still working on that but I think we're actually going to try. It will keep a fair amount of information about the quests. How much we will be able to keep persistently on a character for a long period of time is still up in the air. We have to balance how much people are going to use it versus how much it costs us to continue to send that information around.

Ten Ton Hammer: That makes sense because of data limitations. Speaking of that, are there any limits on the number of open quests?

Carrie Gouskos: Currently you have a 20 quest limit to have acquired at once. There is a ten quest limit in terms of how many you can be actively tracking on screen. I was looking into this recently in respect to the worth of keeping all the quests around in the Tome of Knowledge and we have a ridiculous number of quests. There are no limitations I know of other than what we are allowing to use at any given time.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will the Tome of Knowledge continue to be updated after launch? With 12,000 unlockables, it seems like that is something you could let ride for a little while.

Carrie Gouskos: Oh no, no absolutely not. There are some things we haven't shared about the Tome and a lot of it has to do with our plans for post launch and how to make it so much more than it is now. That isn't to say we don't hope to finish what we promised in time for launch, but more about the way we want to expand it and how players will use it.

Ten Ton Hammer: This sounds similar to what we saw with the Book quests in Lord of the Rings Online. Will there be a similarity?

Carrie Gouskos: The Deed Log has some really cool things in it, but didn't seem as much like the Tome of Knowledge as people who haven't played WAR thought it could be. From a tracking standpoint, I think they've done a lot of things there. Some of the things I remember for instance is you had to kill a certain number of things in certain areas all of which I think are good ideas to point. So yes we do have some things similar in that respect.

Ten Ton Hammer: How would you say the Tome of Knowledge fits into PvP and Realm vs Realm (RvR)?

Carrie Gouskos: I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with the personality types of MMO games in terms of the types of players and what they like to do. From our past in Dark Age of Camelot and what we are trying to do with Warhammer Online, we call ourselves an RvR game and it's a very important. The way we are trying to support RvR and the RvR player is to make sure the Tome unlocks are in line with what an RvR player would want to do and reward them with something they want. So a lot of it is about making sure the Tome unlocks cater to the type of person that will unlock them. With respect to RvR, I think a lot of those players like to accomplish a lot and track it and keep information about how many times they've done something and how much better they are than other people. So I think that fits naturally with a lot we've tried to do in terms of tracking how many times people have taken keeps, how many different classes and races they've killed, etc...

Keep checking back for a lot more about the Tome of Knowledge.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016