Warden Overview

By Darkgolem

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Available to:  Elf, Hobbit, Human

Wardens are a powerful, self sustaining class able to function in a
variety of roles within a fellowship or soloing.  Wardens use a
variety of weapons, but specialize in spears.  They are excellent
combatants, especially good at ambush and single opponents.

The Basics

The warden is a great class, able to adjust how they play based upon
what their needs are.  For example, a warden can be in a
fellowship and act as a tank, or a damage dealer, or self-heal if
needed too.  In addition, the warden has access to both light and
common damage, able to affect differing enemies as needed.  In
combat the warden’s powers are very flashy with some of the best
animations I have seen in the game.

Outside of combat, Wardens have some of the traits of hunters. 
They have personal fast movement; allowing instant travel, plus they
have a short term stealth ability, and a toggled fast movement ability.

A Look at Gambits

The most important function of a warden is their gambit system. 
function in most ways as a medium armored tank who has good ranged and
melee abilities, and good blocking, evading and parrying abilities,
toggled stances for offense or tanking, similar (but not the same) as
those of a Guardian.

However, using gambits they can customize the damage to
opponents, choosing special attacks which increase their aggression,
how they do damage (direct or damage over time), absorb threat from
other fellowship members, heal themselves, or occasionally stun or daze

The warden has a spear attack, fist attack, and shield attack. 
These are basic attacks that do a small amount of damage, plus add a
(as appropriate) fist, spear or shield icon to the warden’s gambit
panel.  Gambit icons stack up, like a hand of cards in poker, to
mean different things.  All gambits are triggered by the same
button, which changes appearances as you stack up a better or better

For example, a single shield icon in the first gambit position,
followed by a single spear icon in the second gambit position, will
allow use of “The Boot” gambit.  “The Boot” does some damage and
has a small chance of dazing an opponent.   A warden can
instead choose not to trigger this gambit, but instead add another,
third icon by using a fist, spear or shield attack, and instead use a
new 3 icon gambit, formed of shield/spear and a third button.  A
fourth icon on top of that one would bring a whole new icon to use, and
so on.

You can form gambits formed of up to 5 icons.  You gain access to
gambits which use larger and larger numbers of icons as you level, up
5 icon gambits at highest levels.  In addition, you gain better
and better gambits as you advance, too.

Combat with a Warden is a lot of fun, because aside from a suite of
useful combat  type powers, you also pick the order of attacks to
set up certain gambits as you fight, tailoring it to your opponents.

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Skills of the Warden

Here are some of the skills of the warden class:

Ambush: A
medium damaging ranged attack with a long induction time, used for
opening combat.  It also puts the opponent into a 5 second
knockout, and grants the warden a 50% movement rate increase for 5
seconds, allowing the warden to follow up with Critical Strike.

Critical Strike: 
A high damage melee attack, usable only against opponents who are
knocked out, stunned or dazed.

Mighty Blow: 
A gambit attack requiring Spear/Shield/Fist and Spear icons, which does
heavy damage plus a 16 second damage over time.

Muster In Ost
Travel to Ost Guruth alone for 3 travel rations.

Shield piercer:
A low damage ranged javelin toss which lowers an opponents blocking

A toggled stance which grants the warden an evade bonus, a block bonus,
and reduces the power cost of gambits for the warden.

Careful Step:
A 20 second stealth for the warden, with a 50% reduction in movement
speed while stealthed.

Forced March:
A toggled stance which grants the warden a +25% out of combat speed
boost, while reducing the maximum power of a warden (while toggled) by

Shield Mastery:
A gambit attack requiring Shield/Fist/Spear/Shield icons that provides
a good bonus to the warden's blocking, evasion and ranged blocking for
a minute.

Traits of the Warden

Grand Master
Weapons Training:
An awesome legendary trait which provides class="pn-content-page-body">"The ultimate level of
training with the warden's preferred weapon.  +5% spear
damage.  +5% one-handed sword damage.  +5% one-handed club
damage.  The inherent bleeds from spear damage happens more more
often. The inherent attack speed debuff from clubs happens much more
often.  +1% inherent to hit bonus from swords.  Damage from
intrinsic spear bleeds is greatly increased."

style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Know Your Enemy:
Your Goad can wow affect
3 additional targets, allowing you to taunt more opponents at once.

Javelin of Deadly
Another legendary feat,
class="pn-content-page-body">you may throw your javelin with
such force it can pierce multiple bodies on the way to it's
target.  Ranged Weapon +120 Damage, Max targets 10.  30 Meter
Range.  It is great fun hitting a row of opponents when they are
lined up.

Mighty Blow:
Javelin's Skill Damage.  Requires you to use ambush 350 times.

The Final Word

The warden is a great overall character for anyone who likes
melee.  Able to function as a tank (perhaps not quite as well as a
guardian), able to solo well, and with a combat style that is both fun
looking and not repetitive, the warden is a choice for a
beginning or experienced player.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016