There's no need to panic. This is only temporary...

According to a post made on the Warhammer Online beta forums by Senior Producer Jeff Hickman, the developers will be closing down the beta servers on October 10, 2007, with plans to reopen the servers in early December 2007. Before we posted this news, we called the folks at EA Mythic to make sure we weren't breaching anything from the NDA. They gave us their blessing.

Warhammer Online fans....take a deep, deep breath. To me, this doesn't sound like anything that you need to concern yourselves with. In fact, I'd suggest the opposite and this may be just the little "break" that WAR needs to become a truly amazing game. That said, Jeff Hickman finished off his post to the beta community stating that the Realm versus Realm experience has been a totally fantastic experience and it'll only improve over this short break.

For those of you that were already in the beta, I'm sorry you couldn't continue to play the game that a whole host of people are looking forward to. The rest of us can now sit back and relax until early December, when it sounds like the next phase of the beta will roll out. Until then, let's give them EA Mythic team a round of applause for having the guts to do what they feel is necessary to create a fantastic game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016