If you have been paying any attention to the frenzy surrounding the newest World of Warcraft expansion; Warlords of Draenor, then you are well aware we are once again going through the dark portal. A place that we have already been. However, Blizzard claims that what was once Outlands, will be totally remade and barely recognizable. Even with these assurances, many fans of the game are left wondering can this old zone be made into something new again?


Return to Outlands

Every World of Warcraft expansion leads us, the players, into new and exciting places. That is, until now. In Warlords of Draenor, instead of exploring new frontiers, we will once again be heading through the dark portal into what was Outlands. Of course, Outlands will not be as we once knew it. This is the Outlands of the past, before the Burning Legions rocked up and wrecked the place.


With that being said, this “new” zone will probably still feel familiar with us. Many of us will experience tons of déjà vu moments along the way. Due to this, we have to wonder if this expansion will feel dull and faded. If some of the excitement of a brand new place will be gone as soon as we set foot in Draenor. Also if this Outlands of the past will even be able to hold and maintain our interest.


A Whole New World?

Blizzard feels that this will not be an issue. According to statements made by various Blizzard employees, Draenor will be totally different from the Outland we know. You see, the Burning Legion did a real number on the place and when we finally got to see it in the Burning Crusade expansion, not much was left of the original world.


From what we have seen from the alpha and beta, combined with statements from the developers, Draenor will be a far cry from the shattered Outland. Zones we have never seen before will be available and old zones, that may have familiar names, will be totally remade. Complete with new mobs and looks. Remember, Outland is a desolate place, full of strange landscapes and much twisted creatures.


However, before the destruction of the world, Draenor was a totally different place. I can say, from experience, that when stepping through the Dark Portal, the things we see will not cry out Outlands. Instead we will be taken in by a world we have never seen before. Sometimes names on the map look familiar, but ultimately the Outalnds of the past is gone. This old world made new has a fresh new face that is, at least in my opinion, enough to assuage the feeling that you have been here before.



History Live

Even though Draenor feels like a totally different world than Outlands, there are many who are probably still disgruntled that we are technically visiting a world we have already seen. This is a perfectly normal reaction. We all look forward to and expect fresh and exciting things in a new expansion and the knowledge of viewing something that we have already seen can leave a bitter taste in our mouth.


With all that being said, perhaps all we need is a different way of looking at things to view them in another light. You see, while we may be revisiting Outlands, is it really such a bad thing? Draenor is Outlands as it was in the distant past and was and is still an important part of World of Warcraft history. Isn't it a little exciting that we get to go back and watch history play out live?


Wouldn't you, if you had the option, want to go back in time and witness some of the biggest events in history? D-day, the falling of the Berlin Wall, Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, Woodstock are all events we have read about in history books, but we will never fully understand because we were not there. Though given the chance, any of us would probably go back and witness them for ourselves and even though the world would be the same one we already know, we wouldn't be bored. We would instead be intrigued to see how the world used to be.


Warlords of Draenor is giving us the chance to travel back in time and witness a major turning point in the game's history. We can see Outland before it was devastated by the Burning Legion and meet and greet some of the greatest legends in World of Warcraft history. Even if you are lamenting the loss of a brand new zone, remember you are getting a glimpse at WoW history, up close and personal.


Dull? No Way!

With the idea of looking back into history, meeting some of the legends of World of Warcraft, combined with what I have seen inside the beta, there is no way Warlords will be even close to dull. The feeling of Outlands will be there, but if Blizzard does it right, it will be quickly forgotten as players get to experience Draenor.


While not everyone will be pleased at revisiting an old world, I think we should all at least give it a chance. We might just be surprised at how much we truly enjoy it. How do you feel about the Warlords of Draenor expansion? Do you think it will feel to much like Outlands and become dull within moments? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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