Weekly Troll Report 12/27/2007

By: Martuk

Keeping up with the Official Forums can be cumbersome and who really has time to troll through hundreds of dramatic posts for that one nugget of information you occasionally find? I do! Join us as Ten Ton Hammer examines all the important threads this week and keeps you up to date.

Do quest Items suck?

Do you feel quest items are lacking, inefficient, or just plain bad? This thread is about that. Some feel quest items play a minor roll at best in LOTRO and that compared to crafted items there really is no question which is better. The idea that most quest items end up being vendor trash is part of what makes this discussion up. Scenario, one of the Turbine developers feels a bit differently and drops in to add to the discussion.

Very First MMO Experience

We have all had them and we all have a story to share. What was your first MMOG? This thread tells the tale of the community and their many unique MMOG experiences. My first was Everquest and few MMOG's have matched the fun I had there. What about you? Some of the Turbine developers have even chimed in to share their stories.

Book 12 Info?

What more needs to be said than the title. This thread offers up some of the many tidbits of information available for the coming Book 12 update. Scenario has even dropped in to summerize some of the information for the community and join in on its discussion.

Thoughts on Bk 12 Guardian love

Making a return this week is this thread on Guardian love. The coming updates for the Book 12 "Month of the Guardian" update is discussed here with new coments from Hakai on some of the coming changes. This discussion has continually grown since its creation and is full of juicy tidbits relating to the coming update.

Endgame discussion for MMO vet's

How can you deal with end game content? This thred discusses several approaches made by various games and ask the question, "How can these help LOTRO?" Various MMOG's have approached the area of end game content differently and this thread is a good discussion on how LOTRO could approach perhaps the most tricky part of any MMOG.

Speculations on Moria

We all want it and we all know its coming. Moria is one of the most anticipated areas for LOTRO. This thread offers a fun discussion on the speculation of this area. Join in and share your thoughts on when we might see it and how it will be implemented to the story line.

Camping: What is Turbines stance on it?

What do you think of camping and the MMOG? This thread is dedicated to that question and has prompted the response from many community members on this topic. Do you feel its a great thing that previous MMOG's have all embodied or a dead horse that has once again been beaten?

The Black Hand

This weeks kinship highlight goes to The Black Hand. This Kinship resides on Meneldor server and is a mostly monster play Kinship. View their official forum thread or visit their site Here.

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