What Abilities Should You Interrupt / Kick in Shadowlands Dungeons?

Not all enemy abilities are created equal.  Some can be ignored, but some must be interrupted.  Tactyks spells out which abilities you can ignore and which must be interrupted or stunned in this video.  

The difference between a smooth Mythic+ run and a failed attempt often comes down to which mobs are allowed to use their abilities and which are interrupted.   In higher keys a single missed interrupt can turn a run that was ahead of time into one that missed the timer. 

In lower keys the interrupts aren't as important as the enemies don't hit as hard, but missing a important one can still doom a run.  

The video covers ever dungeon in Shadowlands.  You watch the entire video below or use one of these links as a quick reminder before starting a dungeon.  The links will jump to directly to the dungeon that you are looking for. 


Tactyks also has other fantastic guides to help ease your climb through the Mythic+ dungeons of Shadowlands.  For instance, healers have incredibly important responsibilities, not only to keep health high, but to purge and dispel abilities that can auto-wipe the group.   This Shadowlands M+ Purge/Dispel video is a wonderful walkthrough of the information that a healer needs to know to do their job effectively. 

Likewise, there is a great Best Prideful M+ Routes for all 8 Shadowlands Dungeons that is a must watch for tanks.   Hitting Prideful at the right time in Shadowlands dungeons is often the determining factor in whether the run makes time or times out.  

If you are interested in a specific dungeon these walkthroughs of M+ Level 15 keys will guide you to your Keystone Master (KSM) achievement and the cool mount. 

Other great resources for Mythic+ dungeon success are Raider.io which tracks the success of every character via Blizzard's own API and scores them with a numerical system.  Though not perfect, this system does give players an idea of who they are playing with, what keys they have completed and what their knowledge of the dungeon might be.  In high keys where a single missed interrupt could doom the run it's nice to know that the player has completed the dungeon at least once for instance. 

Another great resource is Benched.me which shows how every class and spec is doing.  '

Warcraft Logs is another wonderful resource that shows the success rates of each spec, which talents etc. that they are using and allows users to drill down to really improve their play. 

Whether you are a casual player, someone trying to attain their KSM acheivement or someone pushing keys into the 20s and higher there is a resource out there for you. 









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Last Updated: Mar 16, 2021