What Your First WSOP Will Be Like, and How to Improve From There


So many poker lovers dream of the day when they will attend their first WSOP, and what the outcome could be. Who knows, they could even find themselves fighting their way to the end and playing for a bracelet or a cash prize! However, this fantasy might exist in their heads only.

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The Reality

So, it is your first WSOP event, you are excited, you sit down, and sitting down opposite you is one of the greatest players of the moment. That is the way the table draws work in events like these, everyone starts on even footing. However, this can be extremely intimidating for a new player, and it means that you might end up getting knocked out faster than you might think.

Even if you are at a table with other newbies, there is no guarantee that you will be able to pull ahead of them. The cards might simply not go your way and your bluffs might fall flat. This is your first time at the WSOP and you might not have a lot of tournament experience from other circuits. Just enjoy the experience and try to soak up as much as you can – as after is when the hard work is going to begin.

How to Improve

The next step is to improve your game. Firstly, you need to analyse what might have gone wrong at the tables you managed to play at. If the cameras were around you at any point – as they very well might be if you are playing with a VIP – try to see if you can find the footage of those games. This could give you a more accurate portrayal of your hands than what your memory might offer.

You should also try to get in some more tournament time to gain more experience. You can enter games in other circuits, but don’t forget to also play at gaming platforms such as https://ggpoker.com. The platform offers online WSOP games; such games could help you get in some valuable practice to help you grow and learn before your next in-person tournament.

Stay Humble

One of the most important things to remember is that you should stay as humble as possible, even if you start to win other tournaments. Think about other pro-gamers – if someone who played CS:GO started acting really big-headed after winning a tournament then it might cause people to step away and not want to support them, as just one example.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not a big-shot poker player. Some of the more well-known players have a reputation for not having the most sportsmanlike behaviour if they don’t win. However, for every person who gives them a pass for acting like this, there are plenty of others who condemn them for it. Stay humble, work hard, and always be gracious whether you are getting up from a table in defeat or in victory.

Your Next Tournament

When you are ready to play in your next WSOP, you will hopefully be in a much better position than what you currently occupy. Enjoy your first tournament, but also make sure that you are taking notes on it so you know where you need to make an improvement.

Before you know it, you will be sitting down at your next WSOP, and you will be in a much better position to be doing so. If you want to get to the position where you could one day grab a bracelet, you are going to have a lot of hard work ahead of you.

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Last Updated: Oct 09, 2021