CS: GO makes for one of the most interesting e-sports owing to its dynamic nature. While a team may be enjoying success at one point, that doesn't necessarily mean that it will continue doing so. New teams are always coming up and taking over the top positions, making it quite hard to judge who the next winner will be. It also means that punters who take up the best betting offers and back the underdogs can still make a killing. We look at the teams that may bag the next tournament and what makes them a suitable choice:

Which CS: GO Team Will Win the LAN Sweet LAN 2022?

The LAN tournament, slated for the 15th of August in Belgrade, Serbia, is sure to attract a lot of attention as it has a prize pool of $250,000. And the teams likely to bag the win are:

  1. Heroic

Any punter keen to follow the changes in CS: GO rankings knows how Heroic has come a long way. The team suddenly shot up to the top of the charts between 2020 and 2021, securing top spots in various charts. Their success mainly owes to the meshing of a diverse team which helps it capitalize on each member’s strengths. So, even as they face challenges, they are heroic (get it?) because the team finds a way to work out the kinks of each difficulty. It’s no surprise that they are top contenders for the upcoming tournament.

  1. Outsiders

You probably knew this team back when it went by Vitrus.pro. The team has since rebranded, citing political reasons, and now goes by Outsiders. But this change has only affected its name and has not adversely affected the team’s spirit or strengths. While its fans were a bit concerned about its performance towards the end of 2021, the team more than made up for it with its astounding performance at the start of 2022. It even beat FURIA and secured a $50,000 prize after a long losing streak in the last quarter of 2021. Many fans expect the LAN tournament to be part of the team’s comeback.

  1. Mouz

This team, which plays for the CS: GO division, is part of a larger e-sports team. It has been making its mark in recent years by grabbing the top spots. It currently has the following enviable wins to its name to date:

  1. 1st position in the 2020 ICE challenge,
  2. 2nd position in the 2020 ESL Pro League Season 13,
  3. 2nd place in the 2020 Dreamhack Masters Winter Europe,
  4. 1st place in the 2021 Flashpoint Season 3, and
  5. 1st place in the 2022 WePlay Academy League Season 4.

Fans expect the team will bring its A-game to the next tournament and are not holding back on backing it with sizeable wagers.

  1. Entropiq

This CS: GO team also has a high chance of emerging top in the upcoming tournament. While it also participates in other e-sports, it has a particular preference for CS: GO, having announced its first CS: GO lineup back in 2020. The team has a win rate of 52.6%, which pushes it closer to the win. While it has not enjoyed too much success in 2022, insights predict that the LAN tournament could be its turning point. And, of course, its fans are more than happy to take this data to heart and act upon it.

E-sports are about to get bigger, better, and more lucrative as we venture into augmented and virtual reality! Are you ready to back any of these teams? All you need is to find the right bookie, do your research, place a wager, and most importantly, enjoy the game.

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Last Updated: Aug 11, 2022