World of Warcraft is moving into an entirely new direction in Warlords of Dreanor. This new path is returning to Outland, as I've previously written about, but I wasn't very direct on my opinion: this is stupid. I mean seriously there is no reason to continue to reuse content in a game where people have already consumed it. Cataclysm was interesting, in the fact that it was the first time we revisted places we had already been, but this is just... I don't know how to write it in a nice way.

Seriously how do I nicely put that this is stupid and if Blizzard could, I would totally be okay with not seeing an expansion for a while to just go hrm, maybe we should do maybe like some place other than Outland. For real, anywhere other than Outland. I mean "Dreanor" I mean alternate dimension Draenor I mean actually Outland because Outland and Dreanor are one in the same.

Here is the fun part of all of this, the lore? It has jumped the shark. I'm calling it. WoW lore has now officially gone to jumping the shark land. It has jumped the shark so hard that I'm not sure you could actually say "jump the shark" and "WoW totally didn't do that" at this point. So, as an adventurer, you start off with Deathwing just going around and has just exploded Azeroth. Then, you go to Outland and fight Illidan, then to Northrend, which btw Deathwing never showed up to, and then go back to fighting Deathwing, then you roll into Panderia and fight the Sha and now lol you go back to Outland in the past and then fight all the stuff from TBC but it's now not corrupted and lol it all hates you. I am trying hard not to laugh at the state of the game.


I'm super serious. For real super serious. This is just dumb. I keep repeating that statement because there realistically isn't much else to say. This expansion is dumb. I would have been happy with almost anything except Outland. I mean Outland is dumb, in of itself, and was dumb when it came out. Illidan should have never been the boss of the expansion and he was a great character with tons of depth that should have been explored more instead of discarded as a quick grab at making the game something other than generic fantasy world #1938.

Here are the major enemies in WoW right now. The remaining old gods and the Burning Legion, who btw has been totally lol discarded. The Burning Legion is like THE COOLEST PART OF WARCRAFT LORE. REALLY. They're a bunch of demons that come from all kinds of planets and it's all expansive. However, Blizzard hasn't cared about them outside of Outland. Outland as like the end of the Burning Legion, even if there was never really any major event other than Azeroth REALLY pissing them off and making them hate everyone so much that they were just like I guess lol these people are dumb *whatever*.

I'm just venting, but I highly hope that Blizzard has some idea to make Outland interesting. Most Warcraft fans don't know what Warcraft 1 & 2 is, because they were too busy playing Diablo and Diablo II, Warcraft 3 was the start of the Warcraft franchise as far as anyone is concerned. However, Blizzard runs off the assumption that they need to keep digging deeper and deeper into the pencil thin layer of fluff text in the original Warcraft games in order to give us what we want, which FYI isn't what I think the community wants. The community wants innovation, fun and exciting stuff, and exploration.


However, Blizzard wants to keep giving us stuff they already have created. Perhaps the idea is that we should just beg for a Warcraft 4... at this point I think we need it to give us something new. We’ve heard that so many times now, really, how important it is to have a WC4, but I’m at the point where I want to say that we really, really, really need it. Otherwise what’s next? The return to Northrend? Are we going to find some undiscovered underground complex with an old god in it under Ulduar? Are we going to go back in time and just do it all over again?

I know there was a time when The Burning Crusade came out that we all missed the old raids. We wanted to revisit them. But this has to stop. We’ve got to stop wanting to keep playing the same stuff over and over again or the game will continue to stagnate. Cataclysm was all about returning to things like the Molten Core and fighting Ragnaros again which was cool, but to be honest it wasn’t that cool. There wasn’t anything interesting or neat in the entire expansion when it came to reused content. The same will go for WoD. Unless they rebuild everything from scratch and make even the same content feel super duper brand new, we’re going to be at that same point where we’re all ho-hum, same thing different graphics.

I probably sound like a loud windbag at this point, but it’s my opinion you know. Nothing we can do about it now, but it does feel good sometime to get this stuff off your chest.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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