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When a typical gamer looks at the free massively multiplayer games that
are on the market or in open beta, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Every
day seems to spawn the announcement of more titles heading to the North
American shores, and the old titles linger on year after year. The Ten
Ton Hammer staff is always interested in making a gamer's choice
easier, and so we've dedicated ourselves to bringing you the best
free-to-play coverage on the Internet. Along those lines, we recently
received an opportunity to sit down with Dave Clarke, a producer for
VestGame Entertainment, who was more than willing to chat with us about
his upcoming imported MMOG, World
of Kung Fu
. If you're looking for a MMO gaming experience
based around Ancient China, he may have the game for you!

: The World of Kung Fu is a MMORPG based on stories
mythology of Ancient China. There have been a few games released
recently that are similar, but this one is actually made in China by
people who grew up hearing these stories, which we feel adds a layer of
authenticity to the game. One of the main concepts of this game is the
ability to create a "Wulin", or traditional Chinese Kung Fu society.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our World of Kung Fu Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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