Atal'Dazar is an easy dungeon with many different paths you can take. Below I will highlight an efficient path to take if you do not have one yourself. This path will get you exactly 100% forces. This map is a part of the addon Method Dungeon Tools. 

Note - Yellow circle is an extra pack for required forces if the teeming affix is active.


1. To start, head straight to Rezan. You will want to lust/hero here. 

2. You are going to head up from Rezan, clearing the Saurids and Skyscreamers as you go. After they are all cleared you will head to Vol'kaal, clearing only the required mobs. The only very dangerous pack is often the one right before Vol'kaal. CC is reccomended there. By the time you get to phase two of Vol'kaal, you should have lust/hero up again. Use it here as well.

3. You head across the middle bridge to Alun'za, Make sure you get both Skyscreamers that are perched in the middle. The large pack before Alun'za might require some CC.

4. If you have not already killed the two Dazar'ai at the top of the steps, kill them now then head to Yazma. You should have lust/hero one more time here.


This path has proven very useful for my runs. If you have Method Dungeon Tools and would like the path yourself, you can find the ugly import string below. Just copy the entire thing into your Method Dungeon tools under Import and you should be good to go.

  • dyYbfaGAQuvVMkfMnrYTPsKDk7f7MqAyev)wfWqPsvgovQ0XuohrzXeIworQNsfwMQEUkitKkLAQuMmvQy6KUSk66QqBM
  • qOTRcQPrvFNkL8zvGEmvshMkrnEcbNKkfDnv60ujSnc13OIEgbJJiMHHJdis3)0v9qyO4WTopDdYJJd7YsD8edhUEuAPpfvD
  • VJsjf9EC46rPL(uu1Xrrk15HpLIgoC9O0sFkQ62hf9GNhqu30DebAxCONNUKle9GisC4UhLsQdHrdJMymA0qrPhJMhJg5KEs
  • mjqsipn50LKHIscy08y0Ol90tcKa5jpDPHIsEmAEmA0g90EsGMN80eOlTlkTlgnA0tYibAYrrPlgTlgnsGE6rrjXyKemA0qPjhJgn
  • usggnAOOKtmApgn6PNeqrjjyKemA0JIsYWOnmAKakn5y0ipkjdJg5rP9y0Ol9KyuuAYXOnmuscgnsGEYJstogkThdLKHHIsB
  • y0ggnYtpDrPjhJgDrjzy0iX0txuApgnsg90KJIs7XOjGrJgkknbmscgnsc90fL2JrJCspjbL2WOroPNeJIsZJrZJrJ(rp9EsG(l5P)Pl
  • 9cO0Uy0iNOO0Uy0Uy0iXO08y0OjME6Ltc0CsEAsOlnzOO0eJr7IrJUOO0CIrZJrJeKtp9ojb6LqE6Lrx6fJs7IrJ8OO0KGr7IrJKG
  • sZJrJeeONeEsGe8KNegkknzy0WOrIPNCIsEmAKt6jXOO0lhJeJrJE6PHIs)WOHrJeON8KaDrPhJgjdLeWOrxuYJrJUOKymAK
  • NEsafL(hJEmAKeuYJrJKGIsVagnpgkTlgk5eJgnuu69y0UyO0lhJgnuuuuCONIGIJtrueDHRU4uuffa

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Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018

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