World of Warcraft: Best Covenants for Demon Hunters

This guide is based on the power that a covenant will give to your character.  It does not take into account aesthetics, lore or anything else.  These choices are based purely on making your character more powerful.   

Demon Hunter

  • Vengeance
    • Raid: Night Fae - The highest potential single target damage, period. 
    • Mythic + : Kyrian -  Elysian Decree places a sigil that detonates for 350% attack power.  Phial of Serenity also takes the pressure off healers.  
  • Havoc
    • Raid: Venthyr - Thrill Seeker is a great haste buff.  Sinful Brand gives excellent burst on a 1 minute timer. 
    • Mythic + : Kyrian -  Elysian Decree is once again the winner here.  

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Last Updated: Nov 05, 2020