Blizzard is implementing a core Raider.IO feature: Mythic+ Scores to Patch 9.1.  Currently, most players use an addon called to glean information regarding those that have applied to be in their group.  This "theft" of a community idea is similar to adding iLvl to the game after GearScore became popular in Wrath of the Lich King.    I wish they would add UI improvements like ElvUI to the game.  

There are pros and cons to putting a number on your "ability", but for the most part it is a chest beating process.  

Players looking for "a number" currently need to use a 3rd party addon and website.  This is OK as long as the 3rd party doesn't have any nefarious intentions or security issues.  

Having the score in game allows everyone to access it easily and allows Blizzard to apply rewards and acheivements to the score.  

Making this score available in game will undoubtedly inflate the scores needed for players to enter PUG groups.  It adds another barrier to entry on top of iLvl and class / spec.   M+ is home to the meta-slaves (for the most part) and another barrier to entry will only exacerbate this problem. 

Should Blizzard add to the core game?  


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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2021