Freehold is a fairly easy dungeon once you understand the mechanics and tricks to getting through it smoothly.

Note - The purple circle is for Shroud/Invis pots.



1. To start, head to Skycap'n Kragg. You will want to Shroud to him right off the start. I like to kill both packs of adds near him but he will spawn after you kill one of the packs. If you skip the other pack, make sure to kill an extra pack later for forces. As for Kragg, spread out around him so only one person it getting hit with Azerite Powder Shot each time. You will want to lust/hero here.

2. After, you will head to the Council o' Captains. Depending on which week you are on, a different minigame will be active. If you have to chase the dog, have someone invis and chase the dog around. You are going to want to clear to the Captains. If you can lust/hero again. You can start the fight. Most likely you will still have the lust/hero debuff. If this is the case, start clearing the trash to the next bosses. Once you can lust/hero, go kill the Captains.

3. After this you will head to Harlan Sweete. He is a much easier boss than the Trothak and you will want lust/hero for the Shark Puncher. A lot is likely already cleared so head across the bridge and kill Harlan. You can skip the large pack closest to him. A few tips for Harlan. The Irontide Grenadiers can be CC'd and they will explode after a short time. If everyone moves together with Cannon Barrage you will have much more space.

4. After Harlan, you will head to Trothak. Kill the rest of the trash on the way then start the dialogue. You can continue fighting things while they talk. Just make sure to be ready to click the pig. Trothak's Sharks deal heavy damage. Run them through the meat when you can and be careful if they get too fast or into melee. You will want to lust/hero here. If you need more forces after, you can find them all over in this area.


This path has proven very useful for my runs. If you have Method Dungeon Tools and would like the path yourself, you can find the ugly import string below. Just copy the entire thing into your Method Dungeon tools under Import and you should be good to go. Keep in mind it will be slightly different depending on which Captains are active that week.

  • XZKQRtszZKsQTtkHtlLk(mPK8Dsv5YuvpwkLrtkvJNKQCssQWHLsvDns02iHXrftJk9nQYem00S2u3(TjAjgcA0NVV(ZkrJw0(
  • TuZhdnTPwJg(6jTNATAX9cnTPwJg(6jAutBT81c)wCqtBQ1OHVEs7QMEALFZ6PoAs94OanIVV(1o6PvOn0OovRvlTeJdghm
  • oC0XfRcHlmoShxSd3zfiCCWq4OcdHJhgccxyCW4WUCXkr4cJd7YfReHvIXHthbH7yShghoiiSlghmoShccReJDWq4OdJdhe
  • U3X4Wk5IDr4UlghU4IdcRcJdheUxyC4QJGWkWyhmeoDmoCqyvyC4cbH9W4oghokryvyCyLiCuIXHdcc7GXjyC4GWPW4Wfx
  • CN7Cyx2fH7fgh2bbHvHXjyC4cHtHXHvWf7WDwj7YEiiC0HXrhghwfchpmoChHJkmoC4ItN7CkeeobJJcmoChH7bJdRebHt
  • HX9ogh2Hl2dH7fghok4IJl35OebHthJJdghUq4OcJdxCXDeoEyiiCCX44IXH94IDq4OaJd7HWvhdbHJsmUCX4WDeeokW44
  • GXHvYfhDiCuGXHD4ItHWvhdbHJhghhmoShxSceokW4WQq4QJHGWXbJJlghofchvyiC8W4WP4Itqq4OcJRGXHdcxfgcx6W
  • 4WbbHlDyC5GXHdcxEyC4GGWvW4YdJdxiC5GXHlewfghwbchLyC4cbHRcJdghoDU4uiCHXHJoU4eeU8W4WDUyxeUuHXHl
  • eeU6yCxhghoiiC5IXXdJdRcHJdgh2bHJlghwfchfyC4OdHRogccxkX4YfJdxiiCPaJJhgh2bHJdgh2fHJlghwbchfyCyfiCuHHG
  • WLhgxUyC4GGWLdgxUyCyxeeUuHXLsmoCqq4UomUuGXHdcc3dghpmeooyC4ochxmoSseU6yC4GWrfghwjcc3lmooyC4G
  • Wrhghwbchpmeeee0i(QNGgnAVrZQ1eA06g((AV5wnP(n81hxOrRB47R9MB1K63WxFA8B53M43eQlea



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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018

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