King's Rest is one of the more punishing dungeons but can be fairly easy once you know the fights. 

Note - The pink circle is where you will want to Shroud/invis pot



1. To start, head to The Golden Serpent. The Minion of Zul adds should be dispelled by either a priest or Arcane Torrent. If you have neither of these. Kite them and kill them with ranged DPS. Hunters and Druids can soothe the Shadow-Borne Champion's enrage. The Shadow-Borne Warriors can be CC'd if needed. For the Golden Serpent itself, if your group has some form of AoE CC, you can just kill the boss while CCing the adds. If you cannot CC them, they can be killed fairly quickly. You will likely want to lust/hero here.

2. After, you will head to Mchimba the Embalmer. The next four packs of adds after the Golden Serpent will be tough. Dispell Seduction when Queen Wasi is active and make sure to interrupt Seneschal M'bara when he casts Induce Regeneration. The rest of the trash and Mchimba should not be a problem.

3. After this you will head to the Council of Tribes. The trash should not be a problem as long as you focus Healing Totem>Beastmaster>Berserker>Hex Priest>Witch Doctor>the rest. Make sure you are interrupting the Hex Priests and Witch Doctors when you can. Stuns and other CC can be useful as well. You can Shroud past two packs here and still have enough forces. The boss shouldn't be too tough. Make sure you kill the explosive totem first when the four totems spawn. You will likely want to lust/hero when Kula the Butcher becomes active.

4. After the Council of Tribes you head to Dazar. Before Dazar, The raid boss Zul shows up and you have to deal with his raid mechanics. Have one person soak the Pools of Darkness. Players with Dark Revelation should run away from their allies. Make sure to kill or dispell the Minion of Zul that spawns from the Dark Revelations. And tanks are going to want to pop some defensives. As far as the real boss is concerned. He's fairly easy. When he reaches 40% try to be past where the spears spawn so you can practically ignore that mechanic (It's 3 o clock assuming you enter the room at 6 o clock).


This path has proven very useful for my runs. If you have Method Dungeon Tools and would like the path yourself, you can find the ugly import string below. Just copy the entire thing into your Method Dungeon tools under Import and you should be good to go.

  • dyc2eaGAQc1RPIuZwvPBtq0oL9IDtqnmI0VjinuQcmCQOQJPCoQWIPIy5QkEkrSmvEovjMivHmvktMGW0jDzcCDQKTtvspM
  • QuFMQO(ovbDyQOY3uvnAQO04PkYjPIINPkxJOonvKmncnoQuBJQAggseQt8ybEREbdfjEOabonnK4vN7RlbyiXBxF(iqy1dC9
  • 9lDsrI3U(8rGWQexo5RaVk4lnK4TRpFeiS6rUe2ZceQWoJq4jA)irfiqiDkH9mobjoVRVF9cgnm6WOrhD0p9OrIKijtUjFsM(Ph5M
  • 8rrPdJggn6rhjIIspmseJgnu6HrJgkkjIrhgnAI0r7rpYbjstkjtBKpTdfLKXizmA0rhnuuYhJEy0OdLKXOrp6iruu6hJEy0OhkjIrJo6O
  • hkjJrJ8PJKrrj3yKpgnAOOKdmAIy0OHstgJgnuuAsXOnmA0qP9WOrdL2HrJgkkTHroWOrdLMumA0rh9OhnsKejzsgfL2HrUX
  • OrdL(XOrJo6qrP9WO5JrJgkknrm6nmA0pDKp9OhjsJKPJ8jr6NKj3KdYb5gfLMmgTFmA0qrP5JrVHrJ2OJMu6r7irAIKmTh5t
  • 7N(P5tUPjJIs7hJ2pgn6qrP5gJUHrJerP5aJgD0rdLoPy0OHIsZbgDsXOrhkDdJgnuu6KIr3HrJgkkDdJormA0dLMdmAKikDp
  • mA0Hs3HHIs3HrNumAKikDIy0iru6ggn6HsNmgnA0rhknhy0izuu6Ey0jfJg5thjJs3HrJEOO0jIr3pgnAO05gJgnu68XOrdfLozm
  • 6CGrJgkkD(y0tkgnAOOOOirf4jfjsC2pc1LqGca

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Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018

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