World of Warcraft: Players Using Toys to Break Botters

Everyone is tired of bots ruining the game experience.  Some players are taking the situation into their own hands. 

Botting (automating gameplay) is agains the Blizzard Terms of Service.  Nearly everyone has experienced botters at some point in their trek through Shadowlands.   Botters swarm areas with high concentrations of gatherable material making it impossible for players to enjoy the area.  



Players can report botters by right clicking on them and choosing "Report", but it doesn't seem to cull the number that exist.   A quick trip to Bastion will almost assuredly find mobs of them killing the Cloudstriders. 

Players have found a way to disrupt the botting and it is a stroke of genius. 

Putting a clickable toy on a resource node confuses the bots.  Toys like Never Ending Toy Chest will confuse them and toys like Unstable Portal Emitter will do one better, it will port each bot off to a different location.  

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021