The World of Warcraft Q and A panel is always an interesting watch. All types of people step up to the plate for the chance to get their five minutes with a panel of Blizzard's developer. Of course, as one might expect, the questions range from super interesting to super eyebrow raising. Want to skip the nonsense and get right to the nitty gritty? Read onward for a hash up of the questions that we felt were most relevant to the average player.


Unfortunately, there are no plans for any tri-speccing right now. A real blow for over achievers everywhere. While it is something that comes up often, this is not something the company is looking into for World of Warcraft at this time. However, hope remains! The panel clearly states that they will never say never on this feature and if they go down that road they would implement it much like Dual spec. Never say never.

Guild Garrisons

For those of you wishing you could invite your whole guild to your Garrison party this is the question for you. According to the panel, this idea is being considered, however it might be awhile before anything can be implemented. It seems that big changes will be made to Garrisons if they are eventually made for guilds. For now, we will simply have to settle for just our party rocking out in our new pad.

Guild Achievements

Many players were sad to see guild achievements taken away. Myself included. One player asked if we would be seeing them brought back in Dreanor. Guild achievements were removed to get rid of the expectation that you had to join a high level guild. However, they do recognize that guild achievements are something that players do indeed want. Thus, content is planned on being added to encourage that. Guild achievements will be added, but they have to be something that feels fun for a group of players to take on. Nothing else will be acceptable.

Evolving Talents

If you wondering on how talents evolve, how Blizzard decides what gets nerfed, what gets removed, and what stays, read on. Apparently Blizzard collects data on what talents get used and which don't. They take this information and apply them to make the talents more exciting or even replace them. Contrary to popular opinion, the panel claims that they try to avoid nerfing talents. Instead opting to bring other talents up to par with better talent. This is how balance is achieved.

Battle Pets Improvements

Will there be improvements to battle pets in Draenor and beyond? It seems the answer is yes, but not really. Blizzard is really excited about the reception battle pets have had. However, they see it as a content based system. Instead of adding levels, they plan on improving the system using content such as new pets, new abilities, new NPC battles, and even consumables that work on pets.

Bigger Backpack

A question that every WoW player wants to know is if the Travelers Backpack will ever be made bigger. It seems the answer is a resounding no. Although the panel did offer to change it from a sixteen slot bag to a ten slot bag.

Paid Character Customization

The point was raised during the panel that now that so many customization options are now available via the Barbershop, why not do away with paid character customization. Don't get excited yet, character customization is not going away. It seems that Blizzard feels the changes made in the Barbershop are minor. However, something like a race or sex change changes the total identity of your character and thus should be more difficult to do.

Updating the Action Bar

Most players use addons to customize their action bar. Why? Let's just say that the standard action bar is a bit lacking. Blizzard agrees. The panel says they can do better than that. However, not in the way you would think. Instead of introducing a better in game action bar they may implement a storage system to hold your addons, that way your UI is perfect no matter where you play. This way every player has the UI they like without being forced into something by the game.

Thrall's Eyebrows

Perhaps the most important question in this panel, one player was brave enough to ask why the great and powerful Thrall is the only Orc in existence who has eyebrows. The answer? Lore. That's why. Nuff' said.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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