Shrine of the Storm is one of the more difficult dungeons, requiring a lot of interrupts. Knowing what do to for each trash pack and each boss will still make it a smooth run.

Note - the purple circle is where you will want to Shroud/invis pot/death run.


1. To start, head to Aqu'sirr. The trash here is not too difficult as long as you don't pull too much. Interrupting the Spiritualists and Attendants will help. The pack before the boss can be skipped by hugging the left wall. As for Aqu'sirr, Avoid Surging Rush and you should be fine. Depending on how fast you are moving you can lust/hero here. You want it for the second boss so if you think you will take 10 minutes clearing trash to the second boss, go ahead and lust/hero.

2. After, you will head to the Tidesage Council. There are a few trash packs here to note. First is Windspeaker Heldis. Move her out of her Minor Swiftness Ward and be ready to take some damage from Gale Winds. The next pack with harder mechanics is Runecarver Sorn. Move Him out of his Minor Reinforcing Ward and if you get targetted by Carve Flesh, move into the Minor Reinforcing Ward. The third pack is the Guardian Elemental. Healers will need to dispell the Electrifying Shock and players should LoS the Shipbreaker Storm if the damage is too high. The rest of the trash should not be a problem. As for the boss, have an interrupt order for Galecaller Faye as she will need to be interrupted. Stand in the Wards the bosses place and avoid Brother Ironhull's Hindering Cleave and Faye's Blowbacks and it should be fairly easy. You will want to lust/hero here.

3. After this you will head to Lord Stormsong. The Deepsea Ritualists should be interrupted just as Faye was. Once you reach the bridge, you will want to Shroud/invis pot/death run to skip the three packs on the bridge. As for Lord Stormsong himself, interrupt his Void Bolt while avoiding the Awoken Voids. If you are hit with the Ancient Mindbender, run into orbs until you reduce your health enough to break the effect. Allies can attack you during this time as well to help free you. 

4. After Lord Stormsong, you head to Vol'zith the Whisperer. He is a fairly easy boss. Avoid the Yawning Gates and Tentacle slams in the first phase. Once you go into the Intermission phase, all DPS should focus a Forgotten Denizen, interrupting it at the end of its cast. The tank and healer should kite and damage the Sunken Denizen. Once all three adds are down you will be back in Phase 1 but with Call of the Abyss. You will want to lust now. Kite the boss away from the small adds until he goes into the intermission phase again. Keep this up until the boss dies. 


This path has proven very useful for my runs. If you have Method Dungeon Tools and would like the path yourself, you can find the ugly import string below. Just copy the entire thing into your Method Dungeon tools under Import and you should be good to go.

  • dyIvjaGAkjPxtjiZMa52ucQDk7f7MGyyKQFtjWqPesdNsICmvNJsTukjQftGYYji9ucQhtjvpNsknrkHyQknzkj00v8mIUoLOTtjP(
  • mbQ(oLq1LjGdtjjghjgpLuCskjyzuDncDAkHY0OyBK03iL5SiSfiywvbS(yTSmiSfxabSqKeHTARIGSuawe26wkuHkGqglQLcsqK
  • ncBDlfQqfqiJWwkycsaRwabrhHTULcvOciKXIyPqeCbSaHyfSIwdDfeEeqalSfticocgcBLSuqcYAzPZsNLoDgYzPt)KtxNK0DYq
  • 3qIKnPsxYqswgYWYWqoljzPto50zidlddjzPZsNCgsKLoDYPRts6NHHmSKHLoDnYPBijDvYqxsI0fjv6kmKKLoPsojYWqISKKL
  • ojjNmmmKkljzPt3jNUKHuzPtodzyPtUto56KKCdzi)KiDBsLCjddPXsNLozyyifwYWsNmsYjPcjjJoziJcjsMtQKXjnYyifYOr2KrLU
  • ojTPFsQr3jJiddzZsAS0PZWqxNLmSmKclDYjNodd9Zs2S0PZqolD6QKtxJK0fjdDfgg6olDDw60jNCgg6swYzPt(jNCDssUtg6
  • 2mm0nSKclDsYqxNLojzijlD6Imm0fzPFw60ziNLo5gYjxKKKRsgYLmm0vzjrw60Dg66S0jrYjvgsHLoPsojYWqxJLUZsNoddDf
  • wsHLoDDg66S0jfgg62SKclDsJCsHHUolDsJHHCDwsHLozZqsw601iNUcdd5NLuyzORZYqgw6Kn5KtsssgYqIKiPsQKgPrkK
  • cztxNUoDN(PF6oDgsYYWqUZskS0PFg66S0jBggYLSKZsNK6KtUgjjxHmKBtIK0jvskjnsAifsEYMms66KXq)KrLUtgr6sYyt3qg
  • f6IKOoDvYOrxJKk0viPkDBsQrUojfj)KrNCNmNCjzCYnK0MHHCdlDdlD6mKRXsNodd5IS0vzPtkKt2KKUozing6IS0jNHUgldd5
  • QS01yPtsggY1yPlYsNKm0vzPtxLC6NK0DYqxsI0nKkDrggYvyPRXsNCYPZWqUnlDfw60jNCgYplDsQqoz0jjjLKHmNejPHujPk
  • PrsnsHK2KnjfzyiPolPWYqxNLH8ZsNUo5KtsssgYqIKiPsQKgPrkKczt3PRt3q)0vP7KnDj9t3qxsxKUiDv6mmK8SKFw6K0jNCn
  • ssUozi3qIKRqQ01inYpPqUiztUnDD6k0p5oDNCv6ssQt3q3MUi5s6QK8m0TzzixNLHUilddjDwYDw60zyiPKLCjlDYLKtxJK0vid
  • 56Ki5Nuj3jnYnKcDBggsAyjfwg66SmKlzPt3qoDvss2KHUijsxNuPFsJUtk0LmmKuKLCdlD6mKlYsNo5KZWqsvwYLS0jPo5K0
  • jj5IKHCvsKCnsLCfsJCBsHKNHmSmmKuJLCvw60zyyyq4raRzqyRSfi4wkada

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Last Updated: Dec 08, 2018

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