World of Warcraft: Tank Tier List - Castle Nathria

This Tier List is for RAIDING and specifically for raiding Castle Nathria.   It is constantly changing.   It is currently up to date for the changes in Patch 9.0.5.

This should go without saying, but it must be said.   A better player on a lower tier tank spec. will almost always outperform a low-skill player on a high tier tank spec.  Player >>> than Spec.   Now that this is out of the way... on to the list.

S-Tier Castle Nathria Tanks

Vengeance Demon Hunter

VDH bring a required raid buff.  You need a Demon Hunter and Havok isn't in a great place now for DPS.    VDH have very good mitigation (which is getting nerfed slightly in the March 30th patch).   VDH are also incredibly mobile.  To top it off they get the talent Last Resort (Cheat Death).  

A-Tier Castle Nathria Tanks

Guardian Druid

Guardians are the "tankiest" of any spec in the game.  They do not bring any raid buffs, but they can use abilities like Convoke offensively which adds to raid DPS.  Guardians take less damage in general than any other tank spec.  

Brewmaster Monk

BRM bring a raid buff and are a solid tank which brings a different style to a raid.  Though they are less tanky than a Guardian, they are resilient and bring more utility to the table.   Stagger allows BRM to eat some damage that would otherwise kill them.  Their less spikey style is often something that healers appreciate. 

Protection Warrior

Prot Warriors bring Battle Shout and Rallying Cry to a raid.   Ignore Pain, Demoralizing Shout, Shield Wall and Last Stand make them incredibly resilient tanks that benefit the raid group.   Last, but not least they have Spell Reflection which works on many abilities in CN.  They are tanky and with the recent 10% damage buff are more competitive. 

B-Tier Castle Nathria Tanks

Blood Death Knight

Blood DK simply do not bring the same amount of survivability, damage or utility that other tanks ranked above them do.  The upcoming 10% damage mitigation buff will help them, but every tank gets it.   What Blood DKs do bring is Anti-Magic Zone.  This is one of the best raid cooldowns in the game.  

Protection Paladin

Prot Pallies could also be called Paper Pallies.   Though they deal more damage than any other tank their mitigation is lacking.  They simply cannot stand in and tank like the other specs.    Paladins have some powerful defensive abilities, but it is impossible to always have one available.  






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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2021