Temple of Sethralis is a very unique dungeon, having interesting mechanics with difficult bosses.

Note - the purple circle is where you will want to Shroud/invis pot/death run.


1. To start, head to Adderis and Aspix. The trash here is not very difficult since you will be skipping the large pack. For the boss, stack on Adderis when he is active and dodge Cyclone Strike and Conduction. You might want to use a defensive Aspix uses Static Shock if you are not full health. When Aspix is active, interrupt Gust while avoiding A Peal of Thunder and Arc Dash. The mechanics can be a little tricky but are fairly easy once you understand how they work and when they happen. You will likely want to lust here.

2. After, you will head to Merektha. The trash is fairly easy as long as you don't pull too much. If a pack has a marksman in the dust cloud, LoS or move far away to make him walk out of it, allowing you to cleave him with his allies. Faithless Tender's Greater Healing Potion should be interrupted and their Drain should be stunned. As for Merektha, move out of Toxic Pools immediately. If you are caught with Knot of Snakes in a pool you will likely die. Allies should stun the Knot of Snakes as quickly as possible to free allies. Incapacitates such as Paralysis and Imprison will also kill the Knot of Snakes. The rest of the fight should be fairly easy.

3. After this you will head to Galvazzt. The trash should not be a problem. As for Galvazzt, just stand between him and his pillars, soaking a full pillar each time before letting your stacks wear off. 

4. After Galvazzt, you are off to the Avatar of Sethralis. Typically one person juggles the orbs to themselves while other players pull enemies out of their path, allowing them to run right to the end. Just don't let the orb touch a Sethrak or you will drop the orb and be unable to pick it up for 8 seconds. Once you place both orbs, you will want to shroud past the two packs in your way. As for the boss, kill the Heart Guardians first while also keeping frogs off of your healer.

This path has proven very useful for my runs. If you have Method Dungeon Tools and would like the path yourself, you can find the ugly import string below. Just copy the entire thing into your Method Dungeon tools under Import and you should be good to go.

  • dWI8faGAcvPDrvSnrmBQsFJq2PAVy3KQA)IuPHjsghv1qjufdMqfnCrQQJjDoIYIjQA5KuEkblJkpNOIMiHkzQctMuLPt5ze56ek
  • BKKk2mPSDIk8BsQ61eQW0e13fPKltQ8yIknArk14fP4KKuPBrsoTiv5AK4ZeQQBlsfhMqLAkbcQxEXRo5AYjbxce0JGllXoUSe
  • xoJ8SccAAAAAACcRYhdbVeCrqjN9KWoeuL9L8iILqqjl5XNZiOkN99umemcUOoQsKjkx)kjLOKKkLIdnvkomm2rGGEeCzj2XL
  • L4YzKNvqqtttttJtyvIWqWlbxeuYsE8zhcQYzFpfdbJGlNcdJLiqqpcUSe74YsC5mYZkiOPPPPPXjSkFme8sWfbLC2Jm2HGQC
  • wXJimemcUCkmmotGGEeCzj2XLL4YzKNvqqtttttJtyv(yi4LGlckvMNe2HGkjNipzwcbLezEu4mcQCYu84JHGrWf1rLIFQMiPK
  • uzsnRiYhnvkfdddH0sNoXbxeKdXTxX0rGGCftn10PVjEeZRxUiixXutnD6BcIjVxDYHoVSdb5kMAQPtFtCjM(IVo1RV6QxAyxke
  • mD6sN0tFXh5ri9fZRx5KGlbxcUCXyhbxUySebxUyCfrGX1NadJDeCj4Yom2rWLDyCMGlxmUIiW46tGHXseCj4Y(ySJGl7JXse
  • CzfmotWLfHXkeC5mgNqWLZyCfrGX1NadJZeSpbxUySicUCXWyfcwgbxUyyCcbxcUCfXoUsyClbxUyCtrWLlglJGl7WWyreCj4
  • YnbJBkcUSdJBj4Yomm2NGLrWLLWWyzeCZeC5IXYi4YjyCvi4YfdJBkcUzcUCcgxfcUSdJLrWLvWW4wcUzcUSdJRcbxwIDCg
  • JLrWLZyyCDeCZeC5m7yjwIvWW4krWnHGlxmmUzcUIi4Yo2XfJRpbxUyyCvi46tWLLW4kJGlx2XIyj2Xz2NvyzyCfrWLZyyCti4
  • kJGlNzhRWsCcNzjmmUIiyxkcUCXW46tWoreC5IHXvgb7CeC5Yo2HHXUueStIGlNzhRWsCcNzjmm2vc2LqWLlggggcMU0yii
  • K2QPEX0lDfNPXHba

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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018

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