The MOTHERLOAD!! is a trash heavy dungeon with fairly easy bosses. As long as you don't pull extra things, it shouldn't be too tough.

1. To start, head to the Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler. I prefer the right path but the left is just as viable. Try to stun the Mech Jockeys when they start to activate a mech and the Assassin's when they use Hail of Flechettes. Interrupt the Refreshment Vendors as well. As for the boss, kick the Footbombs back into the boss. You can lust/hero here.

2. After, you will head to Azerokk. I again take the right path but the left is just as viable. Interrupt the Earthshapers as often as possible. You might want to CC an enemy or two on the final pack before Azerokk. As for Azerokk, just kill the adds first then him. Stun the adds when they channel. 

3. After this you will head to Rixxa Fluxflame. I take the far left path behind the buildings. It is the hardest to pull extra things. Interrupt the Alchemist's Transmute: Enemy to Goo, and the Assistant's Transfiguration Serum. You will also want to purge the Mastermind's Azerite Injection if possible. As for Rixxa, avoid the puddles and Propellant Blast. Healers will want to dispel Chemical Burn as well. You can lust/hero here.

4. After Rixxa, you head to Mogul Razdunk. I take the far left path, but the other paths work well too. Interrupt the Technician when you can. As for Razdunk, make sure you watch where the Boombas fly to avoid their missiles. In the intermission phase, make sure Razdunk drills the pillars by standing on them. 


This path has proven very useful for my runs. If you have Method Dungeon Tools and would like the path yourself, you can find the ugly import string below. Just copy the entire thing into your Method Dungeon tools under Import and you should be good to go.

  • dyIyhaGAcf61euYSPcUnbf2PSxSBQknmc53ekzOeuvdNqbht5CQslMkulNQINsv1JPc55eQQjsOstLYKjOstN0Zi66eKntqv2oH
  • s9zcf9Dck1LPIomHQSmvgpHkojbvCnv1PjOOTrv(MQyCeyAuPzy4xSCSy0PJuXhdf)cBNofwKe)IT45GqoXWVJeYhFC6Rk8fY
  • bhOx87iH8XhN(Q(fYXo4uSD6an87iH8XhN(QIRq(kMoflFfocxXHUHF1PtHHW0xXehJFXGqo4G4JrdJ(y0OJoAKKKOO0HrFm
  • AKhD0hL8WOr7bLEWOrdfLKyKhgn6JsFmAKa6OxuuYfJ8WOrEOKamA0qrPpg9IrJgk5HrJEqrjpm6bJgDO0hJgnr0rBKK2HIs
  • py0lgnsIsFmA0K0rZLK0(OOKamsagn6Jspy0ijkk9IrVy0ipu6bJg9shnrOO0eHrVy0ix6OpkjaJg9IIsBy0dgn6HosakjaJgnrOO0
  • om6bJgTJoAdL8WOrtekknjgjaJgTdL8WOrBO0dgnAsuuAUyKamA08qjpmA0ou6fJg9qhnrO0ggnAOO0(y0omA0qrP5HrZfJ
  • gn6OJKKl5ssuAsmA0qP9XOrdfL2dgnxmA0NoYdLMeJgDO0(y0OdfLMamAFmA0lD0KKKeGstIrJEPJMissZffL2lgnby0ijD0r
  • sAO0EXOrdfLory0EXOrhDKeLMamAKhDKljPpkkDdJMeJgnjD0(KK2HsNimA0qP9XOrZLoAJK0ouu6om6ggnAO0Dy0OrhDK
  • KCjxsIIsNeJUpgnA0rhkDEy0OHIsNlgDcWOrF6ixsscix6L(Kh5rpOO09XO7bJgDO09XOrUOO05Hr3dgnsIs3hJg9rPZdJgDOO0
  • 9GrNlgnsaD0hLopmAKlDKeLUhmAKlD0jcfLoby09GrJ(0r3qP7JrJ8qPZdJgnrO05IrJgD0HIs3lgDVy0OHIssryKCy0OHssry0O
  • HIsYHrYpgnssh9rjPeJgDOOK8Wi5hJg5HsYdJg5IIssjgjLy0ix6Opkj)y0OjIososssrKlj9OpjFqj5WOrsuus6Irsry0ixuskXOrpOK8
  • JrJ2NoAUKKMauus(XiPimA0hLKsmAKa6OxusomAKhkkj9WiPlgnAO0lgk9GHIIIIF1P4O4xCDk8epHCqrba

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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018

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