The Underrot is a fairly easy dungeon once you understand the mechanics and tricks to getting through it smoothly.

Note - The two purple lines are the two different paths. Choose the one with less adds.



1. To start, head to Elder Leaxa. The trash should not be too much of a problem. Choose the path with less adds when you have to choose a bridge. The boss is fairly easy as well. Avoid standing in things while you kill and interrupt her and her clones. You will likely want to lust/hero here.

2. After, you will head to Cragmaw the Infested. Prioritize killing the Bloodswarmers>Diseased Lashers>Living rots>Fetid Maggots. Interrupt and CC them when yuo can as well. You will want to kill all of the adds around him to make space to step on his maggots when he Tantrums. As for the Boss, try to stand againt a wall so Cragmaw will run less distance when he Charges. You will likely be able to lust/hero here again.

3. After this you will head to Sporecaller Zancha. The trash here is fairly easy assuming you are interrupting. Once you reach the boss. The goal is going to be to make sure no spores explode when Zancha casts Festering Harvest. Step on spores when you can but be wary of your health. Upheavals and Shockwaves will clear a lot of them but you will have to soak a few. Try to use magic immunities to clear many at once if there are a lot up.

4. After Zancha, you head to Unbound Abomination. The trash here is fairly easy and you can skip most of it by hugging a wall. Once you reach the boss. Try to have all players between the boss and a wall to make him Vile Expulsion into the wall. Kite in circles, while cleansing everyone's Putrid Blood stacks whenever possible through Cleansing Light. Clearing allies stacks is far more important than clearing the spores on the ground. You will likely have lust/hero again for this boss.


This path has proven very useful for my runs. If you have Method Dungeon Tools and would like the path yourself, you can find the ugly import string below. Just copy the entire thing into your Method Dungeon tools under Import and you should be good to go.

  • dycneaGAQi61ubA2uPUnva7u2l2TsXWuk9BQKAOub1WPcvht15iflwr0YvKEQs1JveEovIMivctLYKPIW0jUmv11jL2mvOSDQ
  • Omns13PcXPPcYNPsYHPIQXtfPtsfslJKRrv2MI6zk8nL04uI5yS76jDs)jexIHWUJ477GKh7oZ5U16JX(eANo1FJ4WAD7Mu6S
  • pH2Pt93i7AN0TVZ8DtN9j0oDQ)gXfA34kFxVXrDcNskf7IVVd4qBCftYUJR1TBxIrhJ(mgcnWOthbHuyKcJoDeeAGrEy0PJq6y
  • 0jfPObnOJGq6yKhgDsNu0aHuy0Pbcc5HrEy0PzeAgJoDeshJontkYdbHMXO7HrNoccTIrly0PFsrxHqRy0PVsk6Zi0aJoPtkYJ
  • g0abHwWiny0jfPOJGqAWiny0jDsrE0Ggii03Irly0jDeAfJoDesdgDAgbH(XObgDAgHwXOtEi0cgDYdbHUcJwWOtFlcPbJoTIqd
  • m60kcc9bgTGrNMrOvm6KoPObccDDmAbJoTqkAfHgy0Pfee6Ey0cgDsdcTIrNuiKgm60cPinii0NXOpJrNocc9vm6BXOtdsrN
  • gKcH(XOthbH(cg9bgD6dee6AWOFm60Gu0mc9Ty0Pvsr60G8iDAgHUcJonifPqqi1wm6Ry0PJGqQJrFGrNUcbHukm6BXOtxr
  • k6dAq3J0PRJq)y0jpeesnWORJrN0jf5HGqkDm6ly0PJGGGWU47uHDx47yoxRBbba


If you are looking for a Teeming week path, look below


  • dyYOeaGAQeABQKzRQ42uP0oL9IDRszyQunovXqPujdNsv5ykNJszHuQQwmvkwUQspvv1YO45uPYePurtL0KPsW0jUSk66Q
  • GTtLQMgL8DkvPxtPcpwfYHPufJNkrNKsL6zu11OIttLKFtLuFtv6ZQqndLFx7gx88iXDOi8BVNN2bDXV7TNphor5)OdF)EEtSR
  • dF(qMX)rh((98M8FWnFoD)5hA8F0HVFpVj25HBhF66B2Tl4sYy4xopDRRUDm2p)23HpFChknuAxOiKhLgneeYGsguA0qqipk
  • 5GsJgczHsJmKH8KNgcczHsoO0ilYqEeYGsJ8iiKdk5GsJUqOluA0qiluA0fzihee6cLMdknAii0lk9GIqdLgTlYq7L80gzrZqo080
  • fnl6LMdc9IIqEuAKHmKnYt7ozrBii0dkzdfHEqPrJmKH8KhbHSHspO0ilYqZJqVO0OHq2qPrxii0UJsEuA0fc9IsJCqOhuAKdcc
  • THspO0ODhHSHsJEripkn6fbHMbLEqPrxKHMdc9IsJSid5rqO5rjpkn6bHSHsJEqOhuA0dzOxeeAwO0dknYgzOzHqVO0idczd
  • LgzdbHMdkTluA0qqODHs7oknYtgAKNmi0gknAii0ErP5rPrZJGq7bL2qPrEYqxi0UJsJEjdzrEYHSOleAguAKNmKbbHMnuAV
  • O0OHGqM7O08O0OzqOzHsJgcczgkndknYcbHmguA3rPrZqgAEYtZHSOzHqBO0iheeY4rP5rPrZbbHmwO0SqPrwKHCqO5rr
  • qiJdkThuA0qqqq4xoDPWVEE6wxD7yea

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Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018

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