Tol Dagor is a dungeon that depending on the affixes, can be easy or extremely difficult.

Note - the purple circle is where you will want to Shroud/invis pot/death run.


1. To start, head to The Sand Queen. There the crabs should not be an issue but you can stun the Squeeze if it is killing people. As for the boss, avoid the sand traps and spread for Upheaval. You can lust/hero here.

2. After, you will head to Jes Howlis. You will want to have a Rogue or someone with lock picking to get through the gate in the Drain. Once you reach the Brig, open the three gates on the right for some permanent buffs. Then, open the gate at the end of the hall and head to the Detention block. You will want to interrupt the Bilge Rat's Watery Domes. You will also likely want to open all of the gates before pulling the boss. As for the boss, just don't interrupt him when he is casting Motivating Cry. You can likely lust/hero here.

3. After this you will head to Knight Captain Valyri. Once in the Officer Quarters, head to the end of the hall on the right, open the gate then Shroud/invis pot past the Flamecasters and Spotter. Once you are outside, have a DPS use the cannon to kill the enemies. As for the boss, move all of the barrels to the same side of the room so that they all explode together. If people focus on DPS and ignore the barrels you will likely wipe.

4. After Valyri, you head to Overseer Korgus. The rest of the trash can be killed with another cannon. As for Korgus, tank him in one of the back corners. This will negate his knockback as everyone can put their backs to a wall. You will want to lust/hero here.

This path has proven very useful for my runs. If you have Method Dungeon Tools and would like the path yourself, you can find the ugly import string below. Just copy the entire thing into your Method Dungeon tools under Import and you should be good to go.

  • dycffaGAjr61efz2eW3Ku7uTxSBcYWiKFtuyOeLy4sc6yIZjrlvsilMaz5eupLiwgvpxsstKOOMkLjljutN0ZKY1jQ2UKO(mbQVljIllv
  • 9yjPomrjnEjjoPKa3MOuDnc1PjkLPjv2grACsycgsKHGQ0(Q1QIHIKkPVxM4GKklRciVhdjvlxyH7fsLf5cia7nKuTCHfUxivICbjqF
  • L7fGRrs1Yfw4EHuzwUqcUxgcvbvCvyVHeTVx2LnHemccjvOCbeOQyCW4omoSu25AUXfChxYI5icLByC40XoNgkk7ySymoC
  • qr5gg7yC4iIDUGBCj3XszXCnkk3HXnmoCeHYsX4WbfLfJXfyC4GY1yC4GYLyC4Wo7CJBOOSumUaJd7OCeHXHd7SJYLyC4
  • e254CJtdLtW4Wo7Cqr5AmobJd3HYXX4Wo7Cq5cmoSuuuUaJlW4W1SZPdLlX4WPGDo1CJtjkxJXHDuooghUXo3HIYLyCA
  • yC4Wo7OCjgh2d7SlcfLJimUaJdhrSZjCJJJYLyCyxk7SlMBSxWDSxJIYjyCcghwmkhhJdlMDwk34AuoDyC4GIYXX4cmoCAO
  • CAyC4g7Ch3yXOCjgh2lrr50W4igJdhuuoDyCKIXHdk7IX4WbfLJymoIW4WPdLtnghoOSumoCdfLJumofyC4GYPgJd7OOCQ
  • X4uGXHlr5uJXHlrr5uGXPaJdhrOCkX4WfSZLOCQX4Wre7CckkNsmofyC4e254CJtdLtjghoIyNtq5uJXHJZoNgk7oghUdfLDry
  • ShmoCqrzpyS7yC4GYEdJd7SZbfLDhJDhJd3yNDu2ByC4gkk7nm27W4WbffffjAFvuKurYqWY7rba

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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2018

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