Waycrest Manor is a dungeon that depending on which path is randomly chosen when you start your key, can have very different trash and route.


1. To start, head through the open door. There are four doors from the starting room but only one will be open to start. If heading to the left you will be killing the Heartsbane Triad first, then heading clockwise around the dungeon. If you are heading right you will kill Raal the Gluttonous first, then head counter clockwise around the dungeon. You will want lust/hero for the Heartsbane Triad for sure and either the Soulbound Goliath or Raal the Gluttonous whenever it fits your lust/hero debuff timing. 

2. Once you have killed the first three bosses and have 83.7% forces, head to the Catacombs. Clear the trash, then Lord and Lady Waycrest. 

3. After this you will head to Gorak Tul. Make sure to kill his adds and burn the corpses. You will want to lust/hero here.



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Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018

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