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Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all have that certain
class that we have pegged as lame. We’ve probably even
complained out loud about it a time or two. Either the class is so OP
all it takes it a good face rolling to play, or the class is so awfully
bad and prone to rather silly mistakes that it makes baby kittens
(I’m talking really cute baby kittens) cry.

I am very guilty of doing this myself. Usually picking on the class
that has managed to annoy me most that day, even if it was just a
single player. Right now I have a personal screen
from time to time. Yeah I know I’m not really
accomplishing anything, but hey, it makes me feel better.

In reality we all know that most of these things we think about other
classes cannot be even mostly true. If that were the case then all of
our raids would be comprised of one class. My wife at this point is
directing my attention to the old school video of 40 druids taking down
Onyxia, in an attempt to show me that indeed her class is and always
has been far superior to my own.

If I really think about it, I know deep down the classes are rather
well balanced, the dumb stuff happens rather infrequently, and almost
every single class has it’s flaws. Thankfully  that
inner voice is easily squashed, because where is the fun in
that?  Finding the flaws, and stereotypes in each class is a
humorous part of the game, and we should all take the time to have a
good laugh at them.

So without further adieu and all in good fun your class sucks because:

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Congratulations! You are probably one of the least sucky
classes out there. Very little seems to be wrong with your class and
for the most part most Warlocks seem to be rather competent. Too bad
you won’t be topping the damage meters in a raid. To help
make up for this, don’t forget your bag full of Soul Shards
to be the raid’s own personal taxi service, that’s
half of the reason they bring you along. Oh, and keep life tapping
while you’re already low health and taking massive damage,
because that’s totally the smart thing to do.

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glass cannons covered in cloth that
want to be Warlocks. You are usually dead, or begging for Vigilance
because apparently you have some serious aggro management issues.
Healers and Tanks hate your Mirror Images, they can’t just
fade out, or poof in a bubble of smoke. That would be too easy, so
instead they sound exactly like a real mage dying, making the Healers
and Tanks have a small heart attack each time. GG. But we all know the
real reason Mages are brought to raids. Two words; Strudel and Portals.
There is a reason you never hear “Oh we don’t have
a mage in the raid for their amazing DPS!”, instead you hear
“Crap we don’t have any water!”.

Oh and by the way...stop sheeping Druids, it’s just silly.

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Shadows Priests are always on the short end of the stick damage wise,
never quite on the same level as Warlocks and Mages. To make up for
this Blizzard has made them walking, talking Healing Stream/Mana Spring
totems with more health. I think this is probably why Shadow Priests
feel the need to occasionally off themselves with some well placed
Shadow Word: Deaths. Who can blame them?

Disc Priests spend all their time in a shielding frenzy, while Holy
Priests relish in their

Circle of Healing. Making it a smart heal was probably
Blizzard’s way of making up for their lackluster tank
healing. Squishy and soft healing Priests of either type enjoy making
the other cloth wearing casters cry by rolling on any Crit and
Spellpower gear that drops.  But really I
do feel bad for
them; it must suck to be perpetually
stuck in a dress.

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One of the number one causes of accidental death in a raid situation: A
Shaman forgot to recall his totems. Elemental and Enhancement Shamans
would be excellent additions to any raid, bring decent DPS, and
excellent buffs. Too bad you can’t do either when you are
dead. Chain Heal, Chain Heal, Chain Heal pretty much sums up the life
of a healing Shaman. I’m not even sure if they really have
any other spells. Simply bind all your keys on the keyboard 
to Chain Heal and you can top the healing meters.

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Tree form is ugly with a capital U. Regrowth, Rejuvenation, and
Lifebloom then watch your HoT’s tick down. The game should be
equipped with an alarm clock because that is nothing short of a snooze
fest. Not to mention that Resto Druids are near impossible to kill. A
mobile target with powerful heals that is immune to almost all crowd
control, I call hacks.

Moonkin’s are almost as ugly as the trees and they
can’t seem to detach themselves from their tree brethren as
they insist upon calling upon three treants that run around and
generally annoy mobs and players alike.  Not to mention the
Moonkin dance can effectively distract anyone in viewing distance.
It’s like watching a train wreck, you just can’ t
look away.

Cat Druids are nothing more than Rogues with renamed abilities in
kitten costumes. At least they finally made the kitten costumes cooler.
Bear Druids, face it: Warriors and Death Knights have more avoidance
abilities than you, you are basically just a giant meat shield the raid
is using to distract the boss while they kill him. Sure you hold aggro
well, but if someone started jiggling a giant bear butt in front of me,
I would be a little upset as well.

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Death Knights are better tanks than you, and they do it without
shields. You don’t have to face pull everything, you are
allowed to equip a ranged weapon for a reason. Also, since you have a
ranged weapon you should probably make sure you have the proper ammo
for it, just because it isn’t your primary weapon
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry it. DPS Warriors,
you would be excellent DPS if you could manage to stay alive for 3.2
seconds. Running in and casting Bladestorm is probably not such a good
idea. I do commend you though, as it takes a certain level of skill to
die that quickly.

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Hunters, you have Misdirect and Feign Death for a reason. Use them! And
be sure to bring along enough ammunition for the raid, not being able
to use your primary weapon is never a good thing. Melee damage is not
an appropriate form of damage for a Hunter, go back, and roll a Rogue
or other such melee class if it appeals to you. Letting your pet on
aggressive might seem like a good idea, but trust me, unless your
intent is to kill off the entire raid, it‘s not. While
Huntards are really few and far between they have sufficiently given
your class a permanent bad name.

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Probably one of the most replaceable classes. Other melee classes can
do more damage than you, and bring more or the same utility to the
raid.  Hunters are plotting ways to kill you because you steal
their gear and with the introduction of Tricks of the Trade you are
even further intruding into their niche. Never fear though, if things
get tough you can always stealth and watch as the rest of your raid
bites the dust.

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Blizzard wasn’t going to favor their new hero class right?
Wrong! With a brand new buff in the new patch under their belts Death
Knights are probably one of the most OP classes currently in game.
Death Knight tanks are amazing, and so are their DPSing counterparts.
One of my Death Knight friends summed it up nicely when he said
“I play by binding half my spells to one side of the keyboard
and half to the other side, then I proceed to face roll until I

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Oh look it’s Captain America casting shield attack! No wait,
it’s just a tanking Paladin. Everyone hates you because you
can tank and do it well and you know they are jealous of the flashy way
you pull. Healing Paladins have huge heals that make them amazing tank
healers, never mind that any other healing class is better suited for
raid healing, at least no one is competing for your gear. Ret Paladins
push out tons of damage and can quickly kill any player that stands in
their way. Hammer of Justice, Bubble, and Avenging Wrath all make every
player you face off against want to /head desk. Overall a great class
to play, as long as you don’t mind being dressed like a Power

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Now that we have all had (hopefully) a good laugh, do you think any of
these points are actually valid? Come share with us on our forums your
quips about the class you dislike the most, or tell us what changes you
would like to see to help improve these classes in coming

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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