Glades is best known as home to the Undercity and with it the
Forsaken and their leader Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen
herself. Tirisfal Glades also houses the base of the Scarlet
Crusade’s religious faith; the Scarlet Monestary. Scourge
linger here, which only seems fitting as the land itself is still
tormented by the Lich King’s plague. However, with the coming
of Cataclysm changes have occurred all over Azeroth, with nary a zone
being spared. Has Tirisfal Glades escaped unscathed?

As I stepped off the Zepplin (my preferred method of travel to
Tirisfal) I immediately noticed that Tirisfal seems to have
remained in it’s perpetual gloomy state despite the changes
Cataclysm has wrought over the rest of the world.  However,
not all remains the same. The zepplin towers seem to have undergone
some much needed repairs and they no longer look like they will fall
over in a strong breeze. The towers also have a much more Forsaken feel
as they seem to have a purplish glow about them.

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Despite first appearances, Tirisfal Glades does seem to be making
somewhat of a recovery from the Lich King’s plague. The grass
and the trees seem to be slowly coming back to life,  even
though the Darkhounds and the pockets of Scourge remain. Whether these
changes to the land are due to the efforts of the Forsaken, the Scarlet
Crusade, or the result of other influences remains unknown.

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Moving northeast of the Zepplin towers players will find possibly the
biggest change in the zone. Brill has undergone some amazing changes.
Once a human town of old taken over by the Forsaken it was desperately
in need of some serious repairs and it seems the Forsaken have finally
taken the initiative and done just that. The once ramshackle village
has been given a complete Forsaken upgrade. The buildings of Brill,
while still the same in number, are bigger and have distinctly
Forsaken architecture, however traces of the village’s human
past still linger in the building design.

A statue of Sylvanas now stands near the center of town, proudly
proclaiming the  loyalties of the local residents. Machines of
war, including siege engines and plague machines, dot the town. Even
the small tent covering the Trade Supplier has been given a Forsaken
upgrade. The most exciting change, however (especially for low level
players) is the addition of Brill’s very own Bat Handler. The
graveyard outside of Brill remains untouched, however it does look
significantly better as the grass regains it’s health.

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Moving west down the road and across the bridge you will find this part
of Tirisfal is still the same. Cold Hearth Manor is still overrun with
undead. More signs of Tirisfal’s renewal can be
seen  at Stillwater Pond where the edges are lined with high
grass, typical of healthy waters. 

Moving west down the road and across the bridge you will find this part
of Tirisfal is still the same. Cold Hearth Manor is still overrun with
undead. More signs of Tirisfal’s renewal can be
seen  at Stillwater Pond where the edges are lined with high
grass, typical of healthy waters. 

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Continuing past Cold Hearth Manor further down the road where the road
splits into two a new Forsaken base (Calston Estate) has been erected.
Gordo the Abomination quest giver no longer patrols the road
but has instead taken up residence here. Small in size, with
only one building and a small field, this new base further cements the
Forsaken force in Tirisfal. It even appears if the Forsaken here are
making an attempt at normalcy and growing a crop of corn.

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The Solliden Farmstead in the west is thriving. While the buildings are
still in a state of disrepair, the farmers here have extended their
patch of farming land and added two new fields that are already growing

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Next to the Solliden Farmstead, lies what once was the
Crusader’s Outpost, a rather unimpressive tower filled with
Scarlet Warriors. The Outpost is still there, but the Scarlet Crusade
has made some improvements to it’s defense. Instead of a just
a free standing tower, walls have been erected to prevent easy entry
from the road. A host of Scarlet Warriors patrol the area keeping the
peace and several new tents have popped up to accommodate the extra

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Moving into
Deathknell, the Forsaken starting zone those familiar with the zone
will notice that Deathgaurd Simmer is no longer standing just outside
the gates. Never fear though, Simmer is still around offering quest to
new players, except now he makes his home in Calston Estate.
Let’s face it, standing around outside constantly would get
old. Other than this small change, however, Deathknell remains
untouched, except for the noticeable renewal of the land.

Heading north to the Agamand Mills players will find that this area has
remained completely unchanged. The Mills are still decapitated and
unlivable, and the Scourge still run free here, dominating the
landscape. Why no attempt has been made to reclaim this land by either
the Forsaken or the Scarlet Crusade is a mystery.

To the east of Agamand Mills lies Garren’s Haunt, once just a
giant empty field with several outbuildings inhabited by dirty Gnolls.
Cataclysm has brought Garren’s Haunt the attention of the
Forsaken and the place has been divided up into several smaller fields.
Some rather creepy trees have taken over the fields as well as Forsaken
plague machines, indicating the Forsaken have something sinister up
their sleeves. Apothecary Jerrod and  his Apprentice now can
be found in a small tent just outside the Haunt

Despite the Forsaken presence and their obvious plans for this place,
the Gnolls have been allowed as of yet to remain in control of the
land. Perhaps it can be speculated that they are to be part of whatever
experiment the Forsaken are planning here.  Players will also
notice that a new road connecting the Agamand Mill’s and
Garren’s Haunt has been added, allowing for easier travel.

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Brightwater Lake is still the home of Gunther Arcanus and a host of
Scourge. While the grass does look a tad bit greener here, no plant
life has started to grow, marking the lake as healthy once again.
Overall Brightwater Lake is much as it was pre-Cataclysm.

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Don’t let the lack of a dotted line on the map fool you, the
road to the Scarlet Monastery is still nothing more than carriage path
at best. Forsaken bodies still line the roadway, which is still lit
with the same torches. With the changes to Tirisfal Glades, the
Monastery in Cataclysm looks brighter somehow, giving players an idea
of it’s real grandeur. The inside of the Monastery has
changed little, still housing the four instances players are familiar
with, as well as a host of Scarlet forces.  Despite the lack
of changes here, I am pleased nonetheless to see that at the very least
the Monastery is still standing, and has escaped the more negative
effects of Cataclysm.

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South of the Monastery lies Venomweb Vale, home to some nasty spiders,
quite a few Darkhounds, and a small Scarlet Crusade encampment. The
spiders and the Darkhounds are still here, and the spiders have made
themselves even more at home, covering the Vale with webbing, but
something nasty has befallen the Scarlet forces here. The two tents
inhabited by the Scarlet forces have been knocked down, the Scarlet
flag that once flew proudly above the encampment is gone, and the
bodies of the Scarlet forces lay scattered about the ground, engulfed
in purple flames.  The only surviving person remaining is
Lietenant Sanders who, unfortunately for him, has been hung by his feet
from a nearby tree.

Moving further south in the Vale, the Crusaders Outpost located there
has suffered the same fate, but with less effect. While several of the
Scarlet forces here have been taken down by the unknown source causing
the purple flames, several seem to have survived the attack. Could this
be the work of Deathwing?

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The Balnir Farmstead is still overrun with Scourge, and the area
appears much as it did before Deathwing’s return. On a
brighter note, the flowers in the small garden here appear to be

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The Bulwark, once an lackluster gathering of small tents and Forsaken
forces combined with wooden defenses to guard the passage into the
Western Plaguelands has been given a serious upgrade in Cataclysm.
While the Forsaken here still reside in tents, they are of the far more
fashionable sort, being purple and generally awesome. The
Bulwark’s defenses have been bolstered, with stone walls
being installed and Forsaken plague machines being moved into the area.
To add icing to the cake, the Bulwark has been outfitted (finally) with
it’s very own Bat Handler.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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