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A young woman lay on the ground, broken. Covered in rubble from a nearby burning house seething in flames.
Stratholme was a furious hellfire, smoldering remains of ruins. This city had perished, along with the rest of its people.
The young woman began to flinch.
Her eyes opened, for the first time. She was not human.
She gazed at her hands, they were withered and decayed.
Her skin had rotted and decayed from her joints. She touched her face.
And let out a shrill cry.
She had no eyes, yet could see. She had been transformed into... something else.
"Th....This....Wh..At... Am.... I?" Her glowing yellow eyes flickered.
A small hand pushed the rubble aside... Bricks slowly trickled down to the ground, shattering upon impact.
A malformed person pushed her way out of the rubble.
"M...My nam...e...wh...aT... is...m...mmy...yyy..."
She trailed off. Her eyes flickered.
She was dead. And alive.
"Oni, is that you?" A hoarse voice whispered.
"Myy...yyyy... na...Me..." The malformed person syphoned, heavily breathing nothingness.
"Your name is Onikkusu." The voice whispered again. More clearly than before.
"Oni...?" The female whispered to herself.
"Onikkusu. It is you... can you hear me?" The raspy voice questioned.
"I... I can hear you just fine. What's happened to me?" The woman began to speak clearly.
"You've broken the Lich Kings shackles and freed your mind from his treachery. Your will is now your own."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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